Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/Media group/Skype conference on January 26, 2014

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Media group Skype conference, 26/01/2014



  1. clarification of facilitation and minutes keeping
  2. next media release - topics and messages
  3. media strategy discussion
  4. milestones discussion
  5. preparation of next Skype conference

Next media release

  • We discussed topics, main message and release dates
    • Proposals: anti-nuclear camp + network meeting: activists are motivated to get organized; international camp; skills training and preparation of further events
      • 09-16/08/2014 camp
      • 04-08/08/2014 network meeting
  • We also had a brainstorming on 08/12/2013, selecting events in the Baltic Sea region:
    • book/database project;
    • Case Pyhajoki and follow up;
    • results from Greenpeace expert talk on Monday;
    • things so far not concretely planned yet, e.g. info events, exhibition (photos taken in Baltic Sea Info Tour);
    • nuclear lobby events;
    • European anti-nuclear forum in Prague 29 of April 2014;
    • events connected to Fukushima; Chernobyl events;
    • Ostrovets NPP - Austrian researchers study flexRISK shows that most of Europe would suffer in case of catastrophy in Ostrovets;
    • COP;
    • nuclear updates from Finland regarding uranium mining issues;
    • anti-nuclear camp in North of Germany next summer
      => these are only some of the events that are going to happen
  • Alternatively, we could provide a media release with background information only - for instance on uranium mining
  • A. will make a draft for the release
  • choosing the camp as main topic includes 2 in 1: advertising the camp and spread the word about atomic threats to the Baltic Sea
  • clarifying newsworthy cause for sending out the press release at this point of time
    • it could be sent out after the next working meeting, however, that would be only in March
    • suggestion: send one release before the working meeting and another one after it. First release: announcement; second release: more concrete information
      • possibly a spontaneous cause would arise
  • if we make only one press release, it should be sent out before the next working meeting
    • proposals for the text by 09/02/2014
    • A. will make the first proposal to be discussed
    • sending out: by 16/02/2014
  • practical arrangements
    • translations;
    • quotations;
    • comments on the draft
    • we should have regional context for local press releases (translations) - quotations, events. Regional context does not have to be camp related and local media releases should be extracts of the bigger international one.
  • A. will send the invitation for the next media conference

Milestones for media group

Will not be discussed today.

Media strategy

Will not be discussed today.

Next Skype conference

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