International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Camp Reflection

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<= Summer Camp 2012

As all camps, it had its pros and cons.

Pros. It brought together people from very different countries, for instance, Portugal and Slovenia, Lithuania and Austria. Countries, that have quite different views on nuclear power. All information was presented by activists, who could add their own comments and experience thus making country presentations much more „alive”. Workshops were diverse, topics varied from anti-nuclear resistance to civil initiatives and burnout risks.

Another success was the trip to the Czech Republic, which included an excursion to a uranium mining area in Liberec and meeting with local activists. It was an opportunity to get a better insight in uranium mining thus improving one’s knowledge about it. Meeting with the activists, in its turn, once again helped to achieve a deeper level of understanding. Since the trip took place in the middle of the youth exchange, it was, in some respect, relaxing. It was day off from presentations and workshops, while on the other hand it was an educational activity and a part of the camp.

And now about cons.

Unfortunately DIY and self-organization principles did not always work out. Delays were a part of the programme and sometimes a workshop started long after the scheduled time. Also there was a lack of group spirit: participants were more like individuals that have come together and not a team. Such situation would not be unusual at the beginning of the camp, but it remained exactly the same until the end of it.

Another minus was the absence of a kitchen team. Cooking was done by participants, which also did not always work out – for instance, when a person was supposed to cook and have a workshop at the same time. And – last but not least – the presence of the police. They obviously overdid their task by monitoring the camp from early mornings to late evenings and sending several police cars to patrol.