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This is a list of some of the world's most controversial nuclear facilities and related sites. Citations provided typically discuss mass protests (eg., Seabrook, Diablo Canyon, Lawrence Livermore, Brokdorf), accidents which have rated highly on the International Nuclear Event Scale (eg., Chernobyl, TMI, Windscale, Mayak), and/or environmental concerns (eg., Belene, Hanford, Ranger).

  • Belene Nuclear Power Plant[1]
  • Brokdorf Nuclear Power Plant[2]
  • Chernobyl disaster[3]
  • Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station
  • Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant[4]
  • Gorleben[5]
  • Hanford Site[6]
  • Indian Point Energy Center
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory[7]
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory[8]
  • Mayak[9]
  • Mihama Nuclear Power Plant[10]
  • Monju Nuclear Power Plant[11]
  • Mülheim-Kärlich Nuclear Power Plant[12]
  • Nevada Test Site[13]
  • Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant[14]
  • Pelindaba nuclear research facility[15]
  • Ranger Uranium Mine[16]
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant[17]
  • Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant[18]
  • Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant[19]
  • SL-1
  • Three Mile Island[19]
  • Tokai fuel fabrication facility[20]
  • Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant[21]
  • Wackersdorf[22]
  • Windscale fire[23]
  • Wyhl[24]
  • Yucca Mountain

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