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ANNOUNCEMENT: Project Antinuclear Baltic Tour is looking for pals!

Could you be interested?

The project is in planning and preparation stage; The idea is to arrange a tour around the Baltic Sea, that would visit localities affected by nuclear (=uranium) industry in different ways. It is preliminarily planned to take place in summer/autumn of 2010, but the specific places, time frame and content of activities are still open: We want to have more people involved, and we want the project to be shaped by the people involved. Our primary interest is to cooperate with, and support, grassroots, and local, groups and people, but we are open to cooperation with all kinds of organisations, groups and individuals, as long as we can get along with each other. The project itself will not be bound to any particular organisations or groups.

Whatever you could contribute, we'd like to hear from you: As the idea is to support local struggles, we really want to connect with locally based people that would be interested in having the tour visit their place. You can organize an own local event for the arrival of the tour, or you can help us organize one by acting as a contact. We have different possible activities we can offer: workshops and seminars, creative demonstrations, public events, etc.

One main thing we'll need help with, however, will be to spread the word locally, since we probably aren't there to do it.

The project is huge enough as it is, so we'll limit it to the baltic region, and we might have to limit the number of places visited during the tour, but don't hesitate to take contact, especially if you have nuclear/uranium issues locally - but we might also pass via other cities, town and places, and we'd like to do something there too. And anyway nuclear issues affect everyone, everywhere...

We also want people who are interested in taking part in the tour itself: here, of course, group dynamic is important, as we need to get a group of people that can get along well and can make things happen, and that are willing to interact with lots of different people in different places.

We'd also like to find people who want to do support and preparation work for the project: For example, if you want to do a fundraising event for the tour, that would be great! Any other form of support, big or small, is also appreciated: especially we'd like people to spread the word and this invitation. And if you feel like you'd like to get more involved in the whole project, get in touch!

We're not "experts" of any kind, and we don't demand it of any one else either: don't fear that you don't have anything to contribute: you probably do, if you can get over that fear! And we don't bite either...

Also, there's still time left: the earlier we get things arranged the better, but if you at some later point feel like you'd like to contribute in some way, just get in touch!

The progress of the project can be followed on the internet, on the World Nuclear Heritage Wiki (yes, we'll try to keep it as up-to-date as possible): http://baltic-tour.nuclear-heritage.net

You can also find more detailed information about the project there, as well as contact information.

Here's our contact email: contact AT nuclear-heritage.net[1]

  1. For protection against automatical email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol.