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  1. final disposal site for LMAW at the Oskarshamn NPP site
  2. Labority for incapsulation[1]
    • experimental incapsulation plant for nuclear waste on Oskarshamn NPP site
  3. Äspölaboratoriet[1]
    • near Figeholm, north of Oskarshamn
    • 500 m deep research site for nuclear fuel final repository
  4. SFR Repository[2]
    • final repository for LMAW from Swedish reactors, located on the Forsmark NPP site. Located in the bedrock under the Baltic Sea.
  5. Forsmark HAW repository
    • proposed site for final disposal of HAW (spent fuel), to be built next to the SFR Repository, but not connected with it.[3]
  6. Clab repository[4]
    • central Swedish interim repository for spent fuel elements (HAW) on the Oskarshamn NPP site

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