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Call for an international Anti-nuclear Action Summer

  • You can download this call in English/German here.

We are calling for an international anti-nuclear action summer 2017! In several countries initiatives and organizations are preparing actions, camps and gatherings in the struggle against a still powerful atomic industry. While a few countries officially decided to implement so-called "nuclear phase-out policies", which often don't deserve this title, in many other regions the atomic lobbyists successfully pushed through an extension of lifetime for old reactors or even the development of additional nuclear facilities. Join the anti-nuclear activities this summer and become part of a movement against the dominance and threatening of atomic power!

As isolated groups won't be able to impact on ruling governments and powerful companies alone, we aim on connecting the campaigns and actions to strengthen the anti-nuclear struggles. There will be manifold events this summer addressing the cause from different viewpoints with various means. There should be something suitable for everyone...

With this call we want to help to spread the word about the upcoming anti-nuclear events and ask you to support the cause with your participation! Participating in two or more events will also create a real network between the initiatives as everyone will transfer ideas & knowledge as well as inspiration & dedication from action to action. We want to encourage you to an event-hopping to sustain the important ongoing anti-nuclear struggles in many regions.

We as the groups calling on an international anti-nuclear action summer 2017 are partly involved in preparing some of the events, or we just support the idea of this campaign to strengthen the anti-nuclear fight for an emancipated society without nuclear threats.

Supporters of this call:
AKW-Nee-Gruppe Aachen, AntiAtomNetz Trier, Sonne+Freiheit (slunce+svoboda) ...

If your group supports this call, too, please send an email to contact AT nuclear-heritage DOT net!

Events, actions, activities


Internationalistic Anti Nuclear Summer Camp and Free Flow Festival

A camp will take place between August 7 and 16, 2017 on the meadow, for which activists and interested people from all over the world are invited. Not as a competition but as a supplement to the camp in Döbeln, we are planning lectures, discussions, workshops and an action day on the subject of nuclear waste, nuclear transports, uranium mining and human rights. We hope to live the integration of the issues and activists of the Wendland and to carry out some networking covering all continents and issues. We will try to invite people from Standing Rock to Gedelitz within the scope of a tour, as a symbolic gesture of our solidarity support and as an expression for our mutual fight. Boarding is planned with the Vokü in addition to a small-scale menu of the Wiese Pub. The price for the Camp shall be affordable for everybody and shall be graded. Children are free. The Free Flow Festival will take place at the weekend. Further information soon on our own website and on the website of the organizers, the citizens' initiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg.