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Demonstration in Oulu against new NPPs and Uranium mining in Finland
Oulu Demonstration: Lectures after the demonstration...
Oulu Demonstration: Protest against EONs' new NPP plans in Finland
Oulu Demonstration: Protest Against Areva's Uranium mining plans in Finland
Bure Meeting: Shaft of the mine
Bure Meeting: Traffic sign with critical slogan
Bure Meeting: Workshop in the resistance house
Final Disposal Symposium: Balloons with anti-nuclear symbols and ironical posters
Final Disposal Symposium: A scaffold symbolizing the missing security attributes of final disposal sites
The schedule of the network meeting becomes larger and larger...
Stock Exchange action against nuclear investments in Frankfurt/Main (Germany)
Stock Exchange action: Banner against Nuclear €nvestments
Stock Exchange action: The bomb next to the Stock Exchange sign
Stock Exchange action: Later it was placed in front of the entrance of the stock exchange
Stock Exchange action: The doors of the Stock Exchange were closed for a while due to the protest - nobody could enter during this time
Stock Exchange action: Nuclear time bomb beside the Stock Exchange monitor
Stock Exchange action: The police were already at the place with many cars and officers before the action started
Stock Exchange action: At the end the 'Bomb' was handed over to a representative of the Stock Exchange
Castor: A tank on its way to the next barricade!
Castor: Police officers give a push to their van, stuck in the Wendland mud
Castor: The police changed their minds!
Castor: A view of the front of the Students' march
Castor: Clown with camera
Aldermaston: Participants locked on at Tadley Gate. Tadley Gate was successfully blocked for around 3 hours.

Old Messages

These messages and events had been published on the main page of this website but were taken away because they were out of date.

Old contents

These contents had been published on the main page of this website but were taken away because they were out of date.

German Energy Giant RWE Withdraws from Bulgarian Nuclear Power Plant

In a letter to the Bulgarian Energy holding, the German company RWE announced on October 28th its withdrawal from the controversial Belene nuclear power plant (NPP) in northern Bulgaria. RWE cites doubts about the project´s profitability as the major reason for the company´s retreat.

"For the past 18 months, we´ve been pointing out to RWE that Belene is a high-risk project in terms of safety, economics, environment and corruption," says Heffa Schücking from the German environment NGO Urgewald. "It sure took the company a long time to face up to the facts," she comments.

RWE´s decision comes in the wake of a broad grass-roots campaign of German environment organizations against RWE´s investment plans in Belene. Some 30,000 German citizens sent letters and petitions to RWE´s CEO asking him to withdraw from the project. Several of the company´s major investors also spoke out against the plan to invest into a NPP in an area of high seismicity in a country with low nuclear standards and high corruption.

"This is the beginning of the end of Belene," says Petko Kovachev from the Bulgarian Green Policy Institute. "After 12 international banks decided to decline financing for the project in 2006 and 2007, RWE was Belene´s last hope," explains Kovachev. RWE was slated to provide 49% of the project´s equity and its decision to withdraw sends out a clear signal to investors and banks regarding the project´s questionable economics.

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Belarus: Hearings on Environmental Impact Assessment falsified

Today, on the 9th of October, public hearings took place on the question of construction of a nuclear power plant. All the entrances to the cinema where the hearings were held got blocked by riot police and streets were filled with cops in civil. Documents and leaflets containing criticism of the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) were illegally confiscated because of their 'doubtful' contents. Employees of state institutions were brought to the hearings by buses. The forcedly assembled audience was registered in advance, in violation of regulations. Many registered participants were not let inside.

Advocating was allowed only to the state employees in favour of nuclear power plant construction, others were denied to speak. The denial was justified by the fact that they supposedly had registered late. Thus, the procedure of hearings didn't meet the standards and the results can't be recognized as independent.

The Russian expert in nuclear physics Andrey Ozharovskiy was arrested in the morning on a charge of disorderly conduct. At the moment he is facing the court. Only 4 people were let into the courtroom, 2 of which are the witnesses. Anonymous men in civil are blocking the entrance to the court-house and refuse to identify themselves.

Thus, the authorities showed their true face again - they are not going to let the dissidents speak openly on the important matters to those in power.

more info:

Belarus Anti-Nuclear Resistance

Activities - Aktivitäten

"Europe's Nuclear Heritage" is a (research) project that is concerned with the usage of nuclear power and especially the debates on final repositories in Europe. Regarding these topics it works on networking between groups in different countries. Within this framework or associated to it the following activities took place:

"Europas Atomerbe" ist ein (Forschungs)-Projekt, das sich mit der Atomenergienutzung und speziell den Endlagerdebatten in Europa beschäftigt und hierzu auch eine Vernetzung verschiedener Gruppen in verschiedenen Ländern anstrebt. In diesem oder assoziertem Rahmen gab es bisher folgende Aktivitäten:

France - Frankreich

The current idea for the next possible project would be to visit the French exploration site in Bure combined with a meeting of local activists to also get a critical viewpoint.

Die derzeitige Idee für das nächste mögliche Projekt wäre eine Besichtigung des französischen 'Felslabors' in Bure (Wikipedia Artikel, Französischer Wikipedia Artikel) kombiniert mit einem Treffen mit dortigen Aktivisten um auch einen kritischen Standpunkt mitzubekommen.

Finland - Finnland

An excursion during February 2007 to visit the finnish nuclear power plant in Olkiluoto at whose site the final repository for highly radioactive waste is being planned.

Bei einer Exkursion im Februar 2007 ging es zur Besichtigung des finnischen Atomkraftwerks (AKW) Olkiluoto, an dessen Standort das dortige Endlager für hochradioaktiven Atommüll geplant ist. Beteiligt euch unter den untenstehenden Punkten an der Auswertung der Fahrt!

Germany - Deutschland

Gorleben - Gorleben

In November 2006 a visit of the mine for final repository exploration at Gorleben was organised by the project. This included a visit of the underground facilities.

After this visit of the underground facilities and a lecture from the operating enterprise of the plant, we met Lilo Wollny, an old lady from the Gorleben resistance. She talked about the beginning of the protests and gave an overview of the security problems at the Gorleben nuclear waste disposal site.

Im November 2006 wurde im Rahmen des Projektes eine Besichtigung des Endlager-"Erkundungsbergwerks" im Gorlebener Salzstock organisiert. Diese enthielt auch eine Besichtigung unter Tage.

Nach der Führung durch den Gorlebener Salzstock und einem Vortrag der Betreiberfirma DBE trafen wir uns mit Lilo Wollny, einer alten Dame aus dem Gorlebener Widerstand. Sie erzählte uns von den Anfängen der Proteste und gab einen kleinen Einblick in die Sicherheitsbedenken gegen den Gorlebener Endlagerstandort.

Morsleben - Morsleben

An exhibition on the history of Germany's final repository for low and medium level radioactive waste at Morsleben, which is also available in english, is en route in different towns.

Eine Ausstellung zur Geschichte des deutschen Endlagers für niedrig- und mittelradioaktiven Atommüll Morsleben, die auch auf Englisch verfügbar ist, ist unterwegs in verschiedenen Städten.

In the past, a visit of the underground repository in Morsleben has also taken place.

There were several lobby meetings with different politicians to sensitize them for the problems of the Morsleben final repository and to exert pressure on the Federal Office for Radiation Protection to end their reluctance to give out information. These meetings are being continued throughout the year. Additionally, different actions and workshops took place on several occasions, including congresses and other events.

Auch in Morsleben wurde in der Vergangenheit eine Besichtigung im Endlager unter Tage organisiert.

Mit verschiedenen Politikern gab es 2006 Lobbygespräche, um für die Problematik um das Endlager Morsleben zu sensibilieren und um Druck auszuüben, damit die Informationsverweigerung des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutzes ein Ende hat. Auch in diesem Jahr werden diese Gespräche fortgesetzt. Darüberhinaus fanden immer wieder Informationsveranstaltungen und Workshops in verschiedenen Orten und bei Kongressen und anderen Veranstaltungen statt.

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