Castor Resistance in Germany 2018

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  • the next Castor transports to Gorleben (D) are supposed to take place in 2017[1]:
    • high level radioactive waste from the plutonium factory (so-called "reprocessing unit") in Sellafield (UK) in 21 Castor casks[2] in 3 shipments (of 7 containers each)[3] or 4 shipments[4]
      (earlier information: 2014[5], 2015[6]; or 2016[7]-2017[4])
    • intermediate level radioactive waste (MAW) in 5 (formerly announced: 11) CASTOR HAW28M casks in 2 shipments from the plutonium factory (so-called "reprocessing unit") in La Hague (F) expected in 2017
      (earlier information: 2014[5], but by 2015[4])
  • see also: Castor resistance 2011, 2010 and 2008 and a short history of the Castor transports to Gorleben on this website


"BI Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg started a collection of signatures to stop the possible 2015 MAW Castor transports before they would be started. Individuals and organizations can sign on their website.

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