Castor transport to Gorleben 2010

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  • one of the last transports with eleven containers of high level radioactive waste from the reprocessing unit in La Hague (F) to Gorleben (D) is expected for the beginning of November 2010'
  • it would be the 5th of these transports
  • start demonstration for the anti-castor blockades probably on November 6th, 2010 in Dannenberg (D)

translation of a press release

According to investigations of the Citizens' Initiative Lüchow-Dannenberg the next nuclear waste transport will reach the Wendland region on the first November weekend. A big demonstration will take place on 6 November in Dannenberg.

The train with 11 Castor containers is supposed to start on 5 November from Cap de la Hague and, from experience, is expected to reach the Wendland on 7 November. 8 November could be the day when the street transport on the last 30km from Dannenberg to Gorleben happens.

“The anti-nuclear protests will reach a preliminary peak in early November this year in the Wendland as well as alongside the transport route” the Citizens' Initiative is sure. An alliance of anti-nuclear groups, environmental organisations, labour unions, church representatives will support the Farmers’ Emergency Association Against Nuclear Power. “Gorleben isn't a regional problem for quite some time anymore. It's here where the deadlocked nuclear policy of the conservative-liberal coalition becomes obvious: It produces waste of which no-one knows where to put it ‒ Gorleben has to be discarded because of waterways and gas inclusions” said initiative speaker Wolfgang Ehmke.

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