Castor transport to Gorleben 2010

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7. Nov: Opening Demonstration in Dannenberg
Afterwards: Several actions

The CASTOR is a nuclear waste train from the nuclear reprocessing plant in La Hague (France) to the storage facility in Gorleben (Germany).

There will be a big opening demonstration in Dannenberg on the 7th November and several actions of civil disobedience on the following days. The nuclear transports to Gorleben always have been a key event for the German anti-nuclear and direct action movement. The protest has a lot of support from the local people.


Blockade 2008
mobilisation poster: Castor's coming!

According to investigations, the transport is supposed to start in La Hague on the 5th November and will arrive in the Wendland (the area around Gorleben) on the 7th. The transport is expected to be delayed heavily by protest actions.


Gorleben is in the Wendland, an area in the north of Germany near Lüneburg. Most of the actions happen there, the nuclear waste will be transported on a train between Lüneburg and Dannenberg (approx. 50 km) and then changes to lorries. From there, it will be transported on the streets (approx. 30 km) to it's destination in Gorleben.


There will be a couple of camps and other possibilities (town halls, churches) and it is usually no problem to find a place to stay during the action days.


The protest in the Wendland always was very diverse ‒ there will be very different kinds of actions.


People plan a mass action to remove the rail track ballast rocks.

Call for the Schottern action

X-tausend mal quer

As always, the initiative x-tausend mal quer plans a mass sit-in blockade on the street to Gorleben.


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