International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Skype conference 04.07.2012

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Skype conference 04.07.2012

  • decide who will write the minutes of the Skype conference
  • discuss agenda's proposal

Agenda's Proposal

1) State of affairs
   a) Tasks: what has been done since last meeting, what is urgently 
      to be done (info from everyone)
   b) Participants: who will join from which country? (update)
   c) financial issues - update

2) Promotion
   a) press releases: translation, media contacts, send it out;
      new release for camp start
   b) postal letters - update
   c) email invitations to anti-nuclear groups & individual friends
      (info from everyone)
   d) special invitation and communication with specific groups and
      people we want particularly to see in the camp
   e) social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, vkontakte, ...
      Hospitality Club, Couchsurfing, BeWelcome, ... (update)

3) Advanced planning visit issues - the preparation meeting we had
    in June was an obligatory element of the grant. Actually every
   partner group was supposed to send two people there, but we were
   not able to realize that due to setting the dates on short notice.
   However, we need to have 2 people from each partner country in the
   participants list of this preparation meeting.
   -> As this is very important for the grant, we need to discuss how
      to deal with this issue. There are possibilities we can talk
   -> L. & B. had suggested another preparation meeting in Germany.
      We need to figure out if it will work out.

4) Logistics
   check To Do list, open tasks list, list of responsibilities and
   open questions list

5) Set the program by topics: 
   a) Presentations - what presentations groups will offer?
      What presentations would we like to see in the camp?
   b) Networking - what network tools & workshops we want? 
      - International Uranium Conference?
      - More suggestions?
   c) Open day?
      What to do with the remaining programme day? - Should there be
      an open day in the programme or not? Or better use the day for
      more presentations or for more networking?

   Here you can see the programme schedule proposal of the
   EU application (you have to scroll down to see it):