International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Finland

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  • the winter meeting of the Network will be from March 25th-29th, 2010
  • in Helsinki
    • probably in Metsäpirtty
      • Turaniementie 61, 04370 Rusutjärvi, phone: phone +358 9 2755 430, +358 9 87182218
      • E-Mail: metsapirtti[a]

There are interests of the Finnish anti-nuclear activists to use the network meeting to put pressure on the Finnish authorities at the end of March because of the expected decision about the proposal for more new NPPs in Finland. For this reason there was the idea to add a further day to the meeting to do some actions. So we will have a 5-days event including four days of meeting and one day for action.

Another important issue is also the pressure of companies like the French Areva to mine uranium in several countries. People from several groups will exchange their knwolegde about the threats of these nuclear activities and will inform about projects to raise the public awareness about these issues.

An important project to be discussed for the summer will be the „Baltic Sea Info Tour“ that will take place to inform people around the Baltic Sea about the pollution of this water body and to connect concerned people with each other.

Schedule of the Meeting

new proposed workshops:

  • preparation meeting for the Baltic Sea Info Tour
  • presentation about some issues of analysis and strategy for antinuclear movements
    • basically i want to pick out some selected points of interest from this text:
    • i basically want to pick out the things that i think are still relevant today, and also strengthen awareness of earlier analysis and history within the antinuclear movement
    • it would be good to have this presentation any time before this: March 26th, 04.00 pm: Brainstorming about future activities


March 24th
arrival of the participants

March 25th
10.00 am:
Welcoming & presentation of the schedule

11.00 am:
Introduction of the Nuclear Heritage Network

  • what is the Network, how does it work

01.00 pm:
Lunch + break

03.00 pm:
Group presentations

  • each attending group can present their general work and activities of the past time
  • 1/2 hour for each group + 5 minutes break between them
=> 7 group presentations possible - if time not necessary we can give priority to the next programme points (groups as at today: NUFF/RRAMM, SLL, Greenkids, Azerbaijani group)

07.00 pm:

08.30 pm:
Action preparation meeting

  • discussing the planned action(s) + make a schedule of the tasks to be done

March 26th
10.00 am:
Introduction to the nuclear policies in the countries being represented at the meeting

  • 1/2 hour for each country + 5 minutes break between them
=> 7 country presentations possible (countries as at today: Finland, Germany, Azerbaijan)

02.00 pm:

04.00 pm:
Brainstorming about future activities

  • collect events, campaigns and projects that have been already planned for the next time
  • collect further activities to do together for the next time
  • select activities we should discuss and develop within this network meeting

06.00 pm:
Workshop phase I - "Network" projects

  • there should be several workshops parallel at the same time, good would be to discuss for example: the NukeNews Newsletter system, the international flyers project, the international network office to be started in Germany, maybe the [Nuclear Baltic Map|Nuclear Baltic Sea] map...
  • other "Network" project workshops possible

08.00 pm:

09.30 pm:
Action preparation meeting

  • time to continue the preparation of actions as part of the international meeting

March 27th
10.00 am:
Workshop phase II - activities

  • this is about the activities selected in the brainstorming on the day before
  • there should be several workshops parallel at the same time to introduce to the already planned activities or to discuss and develop new ideas; there could be also two or more parts within this phase if certain topics don't need the whole time - some workshops could be held one after the other
  • if possible we can make appointments for the further work on these projects/activities (e.g. about tasks or meetings)
  • select those topics we need to discuss more in detail during this meeting

02.00 pm:

04.00 pm:
Workshop phase III - deepening of selected activities

  • those topics selected in the morning can be discussed and developed more in detail now
  • there should be several workshops parallel at the same time if necessary; if they don't need the whole time to be discussed we could also separate this phase into several parts to held some workshops one after the other
  • we should try to make these projects as clear as possible and to prepare as much as possible to be effective

08.00 pm:

09.30 pm:
Action preparation meeting

  • time to continue the preparation of actions as part of the international meeting

March 28th
10.00 am:
Excursion to a nuclear facility, e.g. NPP Loviisa

  • have a presentation of the operator + a tour through the facility
  • have a critical presentation of activists after the operator's presentation & tour
  • discuss our impressions and possible activities to be done on the topic (e.g. campaign, actions, information materials)
  • take lunch packets to the excursion

08.00 pm:

09.30 pm:
Action preparation meeting

  • the last tasks to prepare the action should be done now

March 29th
10.00 am:
Do the action

02.00 pm:
Lunch or if the action needs more time we should take lunch packets instead of having lunch

04.00 pm:
Evaluation of the meeting + last appointments

  • brainstorm impressions of the participants about the meeting, problems, good points, possible improvements + discuss them if necessary & possible
  • exchange contact details to stay in connection with each other
  • make appointments for next meetings + the next larger network meetings

08.00 pm:
Official end of the international network meeting in Finland

March 30th
departure of the participants
(cleaning the place could be done in the evening of Mar 29 and morning of Mar 30)


group confirmations as at February 11th, 2010:

  • Azerbaijani group (4)
  • German activists (3 + X)
  • SLL (FIN)
  • Latvian activist(s) (1 + X)

proposed, but not confirmed participations as at February 11th, 2010:

  • Réseau Sortir du Nucléair (F)
  • British activists

maybe also people from:

  • Sweden
  • Russia

Technical Equipment

For the presentations and workshops we will need:

  • laptop + projector
  • maybe laser pointer


  • food + renting the venue will be funded by SLL
  • some participants from far away countries need funding for their travelling costs
    • a small amount of money was organized by the German activist
    • who can help with donations/financial support for travelling costs?


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