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The Nuclear Baltic Map project is part of the Baltic Sea Infotour project.

See the preliminary map.

Nuclear Baltic Map Project

During the Baltic Sea Info Tour 2010 we will focus on gathering information about nuclear issues around the Baltic Sea, images of these places and facilities, operators, critical groups, links and other resources to be used for the Nuclear Baltic Map. Afterwards we will work on these materials to produce some brief introductions to these facilities and issues for the Nuclear Baltic Sea brochure ‒ this will be an important result of the infotour.


general issues

  • nuclear contamination of the Baltic Sea
  • Aland (not enough)
  • the effects of Chernobyl (T has Russian text)



uranium mining

  • Finland/Lapland
  • Sweden
    • Nianfors (maybe take article that's already there?)


requirements for each facility page

  • a picture of the facility that we are allowed to use
  • infobox with technical information about the facility, for example:
    • Operator
    • Capacity
    • (How much radiation it sets free?)
    • when started to build, when will be ready, delays... (depending of facility)
    • How much a power plant produces
    • type of reactor
    • about exploration sites: Sizes
    • how much waste a reactor produces per year, information about the fuel
    • how many employees
    • number of people living around the facility
    • number of accidents
  • short text (1'500 characters max.)
  • contact details of critical groups working against this facility
    • group name, phone, email, website, postal address
  • links to operator and critical websites

links to regional groups/organisations of possible interest











links to background information

(websites are mostly in finnish & swedish)

preliminary schedule of the brochure project

  • during the Tour and until 09/09/10: gather information + pictures + links + group contacts
  • 10/09/10: text and images for the brochure are ready
  • 15/09/10: translation of the text starts
  • 30/09/10: finish text work (improving text)
  • 01/10/10: start of layout
  • 15/10/10: layout done
  • 20/10/10: printing of brochure
  • 01/11/10: distributing brochure