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What is not allowed to publish on this webpage?

  • SPAM

What will also be deleted?

  • empty pages
  • double pages (so finally only one page with the same content will remain)
  • content that is obviously wrong or a lie

What should I pay attention for in language issues?

  • You should try to provide your information in English - so most people can read it.
  • It is also ok to publish in other languages because this webpage is thought to be internationally. But keep in your mind that articles in languages none of the administrators understand maybe will be deleted as it could be spam. To make sure that this won't happen with your article you should contact the webmaster and announce that you will publish in such a language and that it should not be removed.

What's about files protected by copyright?

  • If we find out that files that have been uploaded by users to the Wiki are protected by copyright and not free for use on this webpage we will delete it. Please make sure BEFORE you upload any files that they are free to be used.

What should you do if you think an article is wrong or you have another opinion?

  • contact the author on their user's discussion page to discuss the issue
  • make comments on the discussion page of the article and suggest another phrasing
  • make corrections in the text if they don't disturb the original article's sense and if it seems to be necessary to make the change before you could discuss it with the author