Olkiluoto Blockade

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Shortcut to this page: http://olkiluotoblockade.info

The first Olkiluoto Blockade took place in summer 2010 and was the first publicly announced blockade of a nuclear power plant in Finland. A network of anti-nuclear organizers and activists from Finland and several other countries had developed the idea in the 2010 Nuclear Heritage Network Gathering in Helsinki and initiated it during the following months. The 2010 Baltic Sea Info Tour was utilized to promote the action in about 10 countries around the Baltic Sea.

In the following two years 2011 and 2012 this action was repeated, and more and more it became an important occasion of the Finish anti-nuclear movement to gather and to exchange on their strategies and tactics against the atomic industry. The web address http://olkiluotoblockade.info was linked to the Finnish website of the 2012 blockade on Wordpress for five years. In 2018 we moved the link back to Nuclear Heritage Network (this page) to make sure that the contents and networks connected to this action won't get lost. However, if you want to have a look at the mostly Finnish Wordpress website, just follow this link: