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* publicly announced blockade of the [[Olkiluoto NPP]] on '''August 11, 2012'''
* publicly announced blockade of the [[Olkiluoto NPP]] on '''August 11, 2012'''
** protest camp: '''August 6-13, 2012'''
** protest camp: '''August 6-13, 2012'''
** camp preparation group meeting on '''April 14, 2012''' in Eura (FIN)
** flyer: [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/6/68/Olkiluoto_blockade_2012_English.pdf English] | [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/a/a0/Olkiluoto_blockade_2012_Finnish.pdf Finnish] | [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/2/2b/Olkiluoto_blockade_2012_German.pdf German] | [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/4/42/Olkiluoto_RUS_HighSolution.pdf Russian] | [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/2/28/Olkiluoto_blockade_2012_Swedish.pdf Swedish]
** flyer: [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/6/68/Olkiluoto_blockade_2012_English.pdf English] | [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/a/a0/Olkiluoto_blockade_2012_Finnish.pdf Finnish] | [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/2/2b/Olkiluoto_blockade_2012_German.pdf German] | [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/4/42/Olkiluoto_RUS_HighSolution.pdf Russian] | [http://www.greenkids.de/europas-atomerbe/images/2/28/Olkiluoto_blockade_2012_Swedish.pdf Swedish]
* more information:  
* more information:  
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** March 10, 2012 in Helsinki
** March 10, 2012 in Helsinki
** May 5, 2012 in Tampere
** May 5, 2012 in Tampere
* camp preparation group meeting on April 14, 2012 in Eura
* Atomic Café information event: February 26, 2012 at 4 PM in Helsinki
* Atomic Café information event: February 26, 2012 at 4 PM in Helsinki

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Blockades overview

  • mutant turtles street action on highway E8 - blockaded for 20 min
  • people locked-on in a tube circle on highway E8 - blockaded for 1 h (time until police had opened all lock-ons)
  • sit-in on highway E8 - blockaded for 20 min
  • tripod on one of 3 access roads to the NPP - blockaded for 1 h
  • people hanging in the trees at one of 3 access roads to the NPP
  • logs on the road, people chained to the logs at one of 3 access roads to the NPP
  • drumming group playing at the blockades
  • "legal" demonstration at "Ydinporti" gas station
  • people dancing on the road at Ydinportti - blockaded for some 5 min
  • people in strong chaines around their bodies under their clothes at Ydinportti - blockaded for 20 min
  • people on one of 3 access roads - blockaded 10 min

A first short overview described by police press release (thanx for that Cops!): translated ourselves into English with help of Google translation...

The Olkiluoto-Blockade against nuclear power a couple of minutes to 5 AM in the morning of 11/08/2012 in such a way that at the Sorkka road leading to Olkiluoto three trees had been cut down, which prevented the use of the road and caused danger to traffic in the dawn. The police cleared the way and detained three people on suspicion of danger.
At 6.30 AM a set of three pieces of wood had been erected to a "tripod" at the Sohantielle road leading to Olkiluoto with a person sitting on the top of it. The place was occupied by five people.
At 7 AM 14 people were apprehended on highway E8, who had tried to block the road. People did not stop in despite of police calls and commands, and thus they are accused of insubordination.
At 08:20 AM a total of 25 people has been apprehended.
Protesters have gathered from different site of the demonstration, which is at the Olkiluoto Road and Highway 8 near the intersection to the nuclear power plant. Demonstrators are equipped with banners, drums, field kitchens and other props. A crowd of a few dozen has gathered there.
The following information will be given today at 12:00.

Nuclear power? No way!

Olkiluotoblockade camp 6th - 13th Aug 2012

Olkiluoto Blockade Camp in Eurajoki, western Finland, will bring together people from the anti-nuclear movements in Finland and internationally. The camp will be an opportunity to discuss nuclear power projects, including uranium mining, and to share experiences, skills and tools for struggles against the nuclear energy industry and for encouraging truly sustainable, decentralized forms of energy.

On August 11, Olkiluoto Blockade action day, people are invited to come and block the roads to the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant by civil disobedience. Year 2012 will mark the third annual blockade.

The Olkiluoto power plant consists of two reactors owned by Teollisuuden Voima (TVO). Additionally, TVO and French Areva are currently building a third reactor, which will be the world's largest and first EPR reactor. Despite the countless problems with the EPR's construction so far, the Finnish parliament has granted the company a license to build a fourth reactor at the site. Another pioneer project in Olkiluoto is Onkalo ("the Cave"), the world's first permanent underground storage for highly radioactive waste.

Nuclear power cannot solve the climate crises, but rather it feeds the economic system where short-term profit-making sacrifices common safety and environmental issues.

While many European countries are phasing out nuclear power after the disaster in Fukushima, the Finnish government is grasping the opportunity to increase nuclear power production in Finland. Join us in action and send a strong message to the state and the industries: you will not turn Finland into a nuclear power reservation! Uranium mining, nuclear power plants and waste disposal projects will be met with growing and determined resistance, on a local and international level.

Get more information, or give your ideas for the program: olkiluotoblockade AT riseup.net[1]

Latest invitation:

Olkiluoto Blockade Sat 11 Aug and Nuclear Camp 6-13 Aug, 2012 in Finland!

From uranium mining to nuclear waste storage, nuclear power poses a health risk to current and future generations alike. We refuse to be part of this costly and dangerous experiment which mainly serves the interests of big industry. We therefore demand a nuclear power phase-out.

On August 11, people are going to block the roads to Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in Eurajoki. Previous years have seen people blocking the roads using banners, drumming, performances and peaceful civil disobedience.

You can join the demonstration in any way you like, with no obligation to participate in civil disobedience. Make sure not to bring with you anything that could be classed as a weapon. No alcohol or drugs in the demonstration. Everyone is asked to refrain from any form of violence, sexism, racism and provocations.

This year the action day is preceded by an international anti-nuclear camp, held at a local farmhouse. The camp program includes practical and informative workshops, such as the current situation of Japan's nuclear disaster and introducing the movement against mining in Finland. The guest speakers, documentaries and workshops during the week will illustrate the international anti-nuclear movement and provide skills and tools for local campaigning.

There will be a special program for kids, and babysitting help available. As well as yummy vegan food, sauna, crafting, live bands and sharing struggles for a nuclear free future!


Sign up for the camp at olbcamp AT riseup.net[1]. You will get driving instructions upon signing up. Ask more from the info number: +358 44 9157272

Recommended prices:

Whole camp 7 days: 30-60 EUR
Includes three meals per day, program and basic accommodation in tents/indoors
1 day: 5-8EUR
1 meal: 3-5EUR

Children under 10 years for free.

Shared rides

We also recommend to take your own car/bike/minibus to the camp and demonstration.

If you need a ride or can offer one, notify us at: olkiluotoblockade AT riseup.net[1]

From Tampere: a minibus leaves to the camp on Monday Aug 6 at 18.00 and on Friday 10 Aug at 12:00. You can reserve seats at olkiluotoblockade AT riseup.net[1]

From Helsinki: The Union of Conscientious Objectors organises a bus on Friday Aug 10, starting at 11.30. from Rauhanasema, the Peace Station in Pasila. Reserve seats at toimisto AT akl-web.fi[1] or by calling +358 40 8362786. More info on the bus from Helsinki: http://akl-web.fi/tapahtumat/olkiluotoblockade2012

From Turku this same bus leaves on Aug 10 at 14.00 in front of the Railway station. Reserve seats from toimisto AT akl-web.fi[1] or call +358 40 8362786. More info: http://akl-web.fi/tapahtumat/olkiluotoblockade2012

Media coverage

police media releases:

Pictures and news (STT and police dominated, only a few have been submitted):

Police denies injury:


Past events

  • preparation meeting:
    • March 10, 2012 in Helsinki
    • May 5, 2012 in Tampere
  • camp preparation group meeting on April 14, 2012 in Eura
  • Atomic Café information event: February 26, 2012 at 4 PM in Helsinki


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 For protection against automatical email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol.