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Preparation of the Tour

In this section we will give transparency about the status of preparation of the project. The current basis of this section is the notes from the Baltic Tour workshops at IANM/JUKSS 08/09.

Planning Process
  • We try to arrange preparation meetings every some months (to see each other in reality from time to time and not to depend completely on virtual communication like email). The notes & minutes from the meetings & workshops will be found in the Past Meetings section below.
  • We'll also be testing having "virtual meetings/conversations" via Skype: The first try is preliminarily scheduled for end of May (Notes from the meeting/conversation will probably be found via this link too).
  • possible topics and thematic priorities are collected here: topics page

Next Meeting:

End of May 2009: Skype meeting/conversation

The next "Real" meeting & public workshop will be at the Nuclear Climate Camp 20-26 July 2009.

A meeting in autumn 2009 f.ex. in Germany is also proposed.

Past Meetings

Baltic Tour Project Timeline

This was planned in the meeting 19.4.09.

Resources & funding

for now, scattered information about these aspects can be found in the notes from the JUKSS workshop notes & the Stockholm meeting notes, and in the Timeline section.

A schematic overview will be constructed at the Resource List page

Content; i.e. what exactly the tour is about

Thoughts from the JUKSS workshop:

Maybe different focus in different places? (Needs coordination!)

  • scandinavia: uranium mining(!), NPP proliferation, waste storage plans, "future nuclear colonies"
    • saami, europe's only indigenous people
  • 'lithuania: very dependent on NPP ignalina, green NGOs campaign for nuclear-free Li.
  • denmark: nuclear-free, lots of renewable energy
  • greifswald (de): example of closed plant (also Barsebäck in Swe)
  • murmansk (ru): there is a campaign (in norway?) to appeal to russian authorities to shut down power plant in murmansk region)

(See also the Nuclear Baltic Map)

Aims / topics?

  • support for affected communities
  • networking, contact
  • awareness raising & information
    • along (future) routes of nuclear material
    • about nuclear issues around the baltic sea
      • distribute map of nuclear industry activity around the baltic sea
      • the baltic sea is radioactive (MILKAS?)
      • Uranium Tails: UF6 transported over the baltic sea
    • alternatives
      • downscaling & localizing, not just "green" version of status quo
      • Knowhow & DIY info: f.ex. small-scale renewable energy
        • specialized business? (f.ex. renewable energy)
  • suggestion: Public Campaign for a Nuclear Free Baltic
    • Not only information, but give some "future" (Message: nuclear-free baltic is possible).
    • Also good countermove against the threat of scandinavia becoming a "nuclear colony"

What profile?

  • we're not "professional", or experts, just people (and that's ok!)
  • activities should be determined by local groups/people!
    • we could provide different options: seminars/workshop "packages", action, info material