Accident in German fuel elements fabrication factory

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On December 13, 2018 about 110 people met in Lingen in Northern Germany to protest against ANF fuel elements fabrication factory after a fire inside the facility. There had been was an explosion during the night shift. Nearly nobody was on site, it turned to be a big action for more than 100 fireman...

We criticized the claim of the operators that no radioactive substances left the building and the lack of a plan to react on a serious catastrophes. For example there is no automatic information system for rescue teams and firemen. Also mentioned was that Lingen is the relevant facility for equipping dangerous reactors like Doel, Tihange and also the new Okliuoto III, and we demanded a complete stop of these activities because operations like Lingen are in contradiction with Germany's "Nuclear Phaseout".

It was a spontaneous action and in that regard the number of people protesting was good. A TV van with EV-1 TV was there and also a dutch radio journalist. At last, we also showed a "Don`t nuke the climate" banner in solidarity to the activists and speakers at the climate conference in Katowice.