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In Sweden, there was a referendum in 1980 for a very long-term end of nuclear power (similar to Germany, just much earlier). Since then, this was delayed further. In 2006, there was a serious incident in the reactor of Forsmark[1]. About the same time, there were also incidents in the reactors Brunsbüttel and Krümmel in Germany, run by the same company Vattenfall.

Nuclear Phase-out and Revival of Atomic Power in Sweden

In 1980 in reaction on the 1979 meltdown in the USA Three Mile Island NPP (Harrisburg) a referendum lead to a decision for a long-term nuclear phase-out and a stop of constructing new atomic power stations in Sweden. However, the atomic industry received millions of EUR compensation in cash and in kWh provided by state operated energy companies for closing a first reactor in Barsebäck. Instead of using the money for investments in renewable energy sources, the Swedish nuclear industry took over significant shares of other European companies, partly also from German nuclear energy companies. Thus, the goal of a nuclear phase-out by the beginning of the 21st century was not met.

In Germany for instance the Swedish participation in nuclear companies lead to stronger stances and campaigns against the German nuclear phase-out. Also the new formed Swedish-German energy companies exercised a "greenwashing" of electricity by selling atomic power to Sweden and buying for instance water generated power from Sweden at the same time. Of course this deal only happened on paper – in reality the electricity is used in the place produced next to the consumption. But in Germany the atomic power companies were able to sell their electricity now as "green energy".

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Uranium mining

Sweden has some places with notable uranium ressources. In recent years, plans emerged to drill for uranium in Sweden. There were some resistance actions against test drillings.

An article about the resistance in the village Nianfors can be found here: News:Uranium_Project_Drillings_Delayed_Sweden

Anti nuclear groups

  1. Miljöförbundet Jordens Vänner / Friends of the Earth Sweden
  2. Miljörörelsens kärnavfallssekretariat (Milkas)
    • Tegelviksgatan 40, S-116 41 Stockholm; phone: +46 855922382; fax: +46 8845181; [ info AT][2]
  3. Greenpeace Sweden
  4. WWF Sweden
    • Ulriksdals Slott, S-170 81 Solna; phone: +46 086247400; fax: +46 08851329; info AT[2]
  5. Folkkampanjen
  6. Kärnkraftsfritt Bottenviken
  7. People of Nianfors
    • Inge Sylvén; phone: +46 0705503248
  8. Nej till kärnkraftsbygget i Simo / No to Simo NPP
  9. No Nuclear
  10. ARK - Aktionsgruppen mot radioaktiv krigföring / Action Group Against Radioactive Warfare
  11. Atomkraft? Nej Tack / Nuclear Power? No, thanks!
  12. Avfallskedjan / The Waste Network
    • Olle Holmstrand, Torphagebacken 11, S-443 38 Lerum; phone: +46 30210587 (home), +46 313353386 (work)
  13. Föreningen Värmland mot Kärnkraft / Association Värmland Against Nuclear Power
  14. Nej till uranbrytning - om planer på uranprospektering i Sverige / No to Uranium Mining in Sweden
  15. Uppsalabor mot kärnkraft / People of Uppsala Against Nuclear Power

Organizations connected to nuclear issues

  1. Gröna kvinnor / Green Women
  2. Coalition Clean Baltic
  3. Färnebo folkhögskola / Färnebo folk high school
  4. Miljöjournalisternas förening / Swedish Association for Environmental Journalists
  5. Miljöorganisationernas kärnavfallsgranskning (MKG) / Swedish NGO Office for Nuclear Waste Review)
    • Johan Swahn (Director), Swedish NGO Office for Nuclear Waste Review, P.O. Box 7005, S-402 31 Göteborg; visiting address: Norra Allégatan 5; phone: +46 317110092, +46 704673731 (mobile); fax: +46 317110093; johan.swahn AT[2]
  6. Naturskyddsföreningen / The Swedish Nature Protection Federation
    • Postal address: Box 4625, S-116 91 Stockholm; Visiting address: Åsögatan 115, 2 tr; phone: +46 087026500; fax: +46 087020855
    • Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Blog
  7. Opinionsgruppen för säker slutförvaring (Oss) / Opinion Group for a Safe Final Storage

Background information

Some past events

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