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presentation on Ostrovets NPP provided from Belarusian anti-nuclear organizer:

Belarus antinuclear campaign

  • NPP construction in Belarus
    • started in Ostrovetsky district of Grodno region 2009
    • The works on NPP infrastructure construction (roads, communications ets.) started summer 2009 before:
      • EIA procedures by Aarhus and Espoo were even started,
      • the project was developed and license issued.
    • Facilities for NPP construction (mini-plant for concrete production) were finished by summer 2011 before the project were done and license issued.
    • 1st reactor building construction was started 31 May 2012 - 6 month before the project description was finished and more than 1 year before the license was issued.
  • Belarus antinuclear campaign, Ecohome
    • Belarus antinuclear campaign is not an organization. It is a public campaign.
    • Our main aim is to stop NPP construction in Belarus, cancel all the decisions, related to NPP construction in Belarus.
    • We are for the nuclear free development!
    • The decisions in Belarus antinuclear campaign are taken by consensus of main participants. Each participant can suggest an action or activity and discuss with the others.
    • Ecohome coordinates the BANC activities.
    • NGO Ecohome initiated Belarus antinuclear campaign (BANC), inviting civil society representatives on the meeting in Kiev in autumn 2008. The same year Belarus president Lukashenko took the so-called "final political decision" to construct in Belarus Nuclear Power Plant.
    • By the end of 2009 in BANC participated:
      • Public Association Ecohome
      • Movement Scientists for Nuclear free Belarus
      • Belarusian Green Party
      • Public campaign "Ostrovets NPP – is the crime!"
    • By the 26th 2012 political parties and movements started interact with BANC in Chernobyl Shliah organizing.
    • 2009 organized EIA Critic of official EIA and its discussion
    • 2010 organized Public independent expertise of official EIA and promoted it in other countries during EIA consultations and hearings
    • December 2011 organized an International conference on the atom industry problems in Vilnius
    • 2009-2014 street actions, demonstrations, rallies were hold in Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Germany and other countries
    • September 2009 Andrey Ozharovsky was arrested for 7 days in Ostrovets.
    • August 2012 Andrey Ozharovsky (10), Tatyana Novikova (5), Irina Sukhy (fined) and Mihail Matskevich (5) were arrested
    • Public expertize and EIA critic presentation in Vilnius (2010), Vienna (2010)
    • actions:
      • Vilnius, 26 April 2010
      • Moscow, autumn 2012
      • Shernobyl Sliah 2012
      • Chernobyl Shliah 2013
  • NPP construction in Belarus
    • 29 June 2011 the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee took decision, that Belarus violated Convention during NPP construction.
    • 15 March 2013 the Espoo Convention Compliance Committee took decision, that Belarus violated Convention during NPP construction.
    • 28 June - 2 July 2014 the Aarhus decision will adopt by the MOP (meeting of parties).
    • 2-5 June 2014 the Espoo decision will adopt by the MOP.
  • How to help?
    • We need strong position of the EU and UNECE bodies on the Belarus NPP question.
    • Could help: letters to government, public statements, media publications, and street actions in EU countries before the MOPs conventions meetings.
  • more information:

You can download the presentation held on May 9, 2014 in pdf format.