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Measuring instrument installed at the potencial HAW repository site Benken
Closer view to the measuring instrument
Demonstration in Benken

Benken is a small village near the German-Swiss border and near Schaffhausen. It's part of the so-called Weinland.

In Benken, a permanent nuclear waste storage is planned.

Demonstration 2008

On 20th September 2008 there was a demonstration involving 2,000 protesters.[1]

Press coverage:


Initiatives against Benken

There's an organization KLAR (»Kein Leben mit atomaren Risiken«, translated »No life with nuclear risks«), which has a group in Switzerland and in Germany. Beside there's a group called Kernfrauen. Also, the BUND (German section of Friends of the Earth) in Freiburg is very active on the topic.