Castor 2010 - Dalle lock-on blockade

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Lock-on blockade on the Castor tracks in Dalle
Both tracks blockaded by activists in lock-ons
Lock-on activists and supporters on the Castor tracks
Police arrives at the blockade: "Shit, shit, in my sector!"
Castor transport passes the activists next to the tracks with a delay of some three hours

November 7, 2010 a lock-on blockade stopped the 2010 Castor transport in Dalle near Celle (federal state of Lower Saxony). Three activists, supported by a number of others, had been locked-on with tubes at the tracks - two of them locked-on to each other, the third one locked-on at the second track with themselves. The police needed some three hours before they had removed the activists from one of the tracks to let the Castor shipment move on slowly passing the third blockader at the neighbour track.

In March 2012, criminal cases have been opened against the three lock-on activists and a fourth person who is accused of supporting a crime. They need financial support for the lawsuits as well as public support to raise the awareness of the atomic insanity.

  • action at Amtsgericht, An der Martinikirche 8, in Braunschweig: 25/03/2013 at 2 PM
  • action at Polizeikommissariat Mitte, Münzstraße 1, in Braunschweig: 25/03/2013 at 3.15 PM
  • action at BS|Energy-Café, Bohlweg 5, in Braunschweig: 25/03/2013 at 3.45 PM
  • action at main railway station in Braunschweig: 25/03/2013 at 5 PM
  • trial at Amtsgericht, room E06, An der Martinikirche 8, in Braunschweig: 26/03/2013 at 8.45 AM
  • find out more on their web blog German
  • download the support flyer for the activists German

Solidarity with the blockading activists!

So far the 2010 Castor transport to Gorleben was one of the most expensive and laborious nuclear waste shipments ever. Numerous and creative actions of anti-nuclear activists strongly disturbed the attempts to route the radiating crap on the quiet to a pseudo disposal. This was also the goal of the tracks blockade in Dalle near Celle, done by several independent grassroots activists. Some of them locked themselves with steel tubes to the tracks. The Castor transport was stopped for some three hours.

In the light of the numerous hushed up almost-catastrophes, the accumulation of leukemia cases near atomic power stations, the radioactive pollution of people in uranium mining areas and the still unsolved final disposal of the high level radioactive waste for hundreds of thousands of years, the activists had decided for this kind of protest. They also wanted to throw a monkey wrench in the logic of state and economy being the basis of the atomic lobby. The canted procrastinated "nuclear phase-out" and the shipment of atomic waste to assumed less resistant areas was basically supposed to stealthly continue the conventional-destructive energy production. Only a broad, manifold and solidary resistance can abandon this atomic policy!

After this action now criminal cases have been started, and some of the people involved are faced to high costs of lawsuits and lawyers. To prevent these people getting - as many others - involved against nuclear power to be left on the shelf alone with these costs, they are reliant on your donations and solidarity.

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Blockading until the abandoning of nuclear power - for a self-determined life!

Some past events

  • trials took take place at the court in Celle at 9 AM on October 17, 2012, November 5 and November 26, 2012[1]

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