Castor transport to Gorleben 2010/Press release on date

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Nuclear waste transport on first November weekend

translation of a press release

According to investigations of the Citizens' Initiative Lüchow-Dannenberg the next nuclear waste transport will reach the Wendland region on the first November weekend. A big demonstration will take place on 6 November in Dannenberg.

The train with 11 Castor containers is supposed to start on 5 November from Cap de La Hague and, from experience, is expected to reach the Wendland on 7 November. 8 November could be the day when the street transport on the last 30km from Dannenberg to Gorleben happens.

“The anti-nuclear protests will reach a preliminary peak in early November this year in the Wendland as well as alongside the transport route” the Citizens' Initiative is sure. An alliance of anti-nuclear groups, environmental organisations, labour unions, church representatives will support the Farmers’ Emergency Association Against Nuclear Power. “Gorleben isn't a regional problem for quite some time anymore. It's here where the deadlocked nuclear policy of the conservative-liberal coalition becomes obvious: It produces waste of which no-one knows where to put it ‒ Gorleben has to be discarded because of waterways and gas inclusions” said initiative speaker Wolfgang Ehmke.