Gorleben Treck

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About 50,000 people protested against nuclear power (Photo: Andreas Conradt / PubliXviewinG)
Stop false nuclear solutions for climate change! (Photo: Karin Behr / PubliXviewinG)
In Morsleben police arrests a farmer brutally to get his identity on September 3rd (Photo: Andreas Conradt / PubliXviewinG)
Police Escalation in Morsleben (03/09/09) - Anti-nuclear banner on the Morsleben final disposal site (Photo: Andreas Conradt / PubliXviewinG)
Graffiti on a truck: "Never give up!"
Graffiti against the final repository Schacht Konrad
A journalist filming another banner against uranium mining
Puntured wheel of a sprayed police van
  • with tractors and protest actions from the Wendland region to Berlin (D) from August 29 to September 5
    • manifestation in Berlin on September 5th, 2009

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