International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Camp/Structure of programme

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Structure of the programme

This is a proposal for the general structure of the camp programme.


  • Friday, July 27
setting up the camp[1]
ARRIVAL of supporters
  • Saturday, July 28
setting up the camp[1]
ARRIVAL of supporters & participants
  • Sunday, July 29
preparation day[2]
ARRIVAL of "last participants"
  • Monday, July 30
presentation day[3]
  • Tuesday, July 31
networking day[4]
  • Wednesday, August 1
excursion day[5]
(for those in the excursion only breakfast & dinner will take place at the camp site; packed lunches to take away; others staying in the camp: space for workshops etc.)
  • Thursday, August 2
networking & presentation day
  • Friday, August 3
evaluation day[6]
  • Saturday, August 4
departure day[7]
cleaning up until noon!
(camp site has to be left around noon)


08 AM-09 AM: breakfast
09 AM-10 AM: group process space (e.g. morning circle, daily programme presentation, expressing needs & wishes)
10 AM-01 PM:
- setting up the camp [Fri-Sat]
- skillharing (workshops, trainings etc.) [Mon-Thu]
- finishing networking projects/workshops [Fri]
- cleaning up; taking down the camp [Sat]
01 PM-02.30 PM: lunch break
02.30 PM-07 PM:
(coffee break 04.30 PM-05 PM)
- setting up the camp [Fri-Sat]
- presentations (atomic situation, specific topics) [Mon]
- workshops (networking, projects, actions, etc.) [Tue]
- buffer space [Wed-Thu]
- evaluation/feedback [Fri]
07 PM-09 PM: dinner [Fri-Fri]
09 PM-11 PM: evening programme (movies, culture, etc.) [Sun-Fri]

exception: Wednesday is excursion day for most participants...

You can check out what presentations and workshops have been offered already (you can add your own ones), and add your own suggestions to the topics wish list (topics participants wish to learn about in the camp, but hasn't been offered yet).

  1. 1.0 1.1 setting up the camp: setting up tents, prepare food, prepare spaces for kitchen and storage, constructing and setting up info signs on the camp site and info walls, ...
  2. preparation day: introducing the programme, network and getting to know each other; opportunity for presentations on groups represented in the camp
  3. presentation day: presentation of the atomic situation in certain regions, presentations/workshops on specific topics possible
  4. networking day: strengthen our international anti-nuclear networks and cooperation; workshops on specific projects, campaigns and actions to cooperate and support them; opportunity to start new mutual projects and actions
  5. excursion day: those who want can join an excursion to the abandoned uranium mines in Liberec near the Czech-German border - together with a meeting with local critics; first at 10 AM (leave the camp before 7 AM) visit of the company repsonsible for the uranium site "DIAMO" in 47127 Stráž pod Ralskem, Máchova 201; return to the camp from Liberec around 4 or 5 PM - arrival in the camp after 7 PM
  6. evaluation day: finishing specific workshops and making sure the started projects will be continued; space to exchange contacts; feedback on the camp & programme; starting to clean up the camp site
  7. departure day: finishing to clean up the camp site until noon; leaving around noon as the camp site has to be empty then; opportunity to join activists to go to the Olkiluoto Blockade Camp in Finland