International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Preparation meeting Döbeln 9.-10.06.2012

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Minutes of the preparation meeting in Döbeln 9.-10.06.2012

This was a collection of topics to be discussed - only a small part of it had been discussed in the preparation meeting; some results were added to this list.

Organizing issues

  • Brainstorming of necessary preparation tasks
  • Is everyone subscribed to the mailing list?
  • Distribution of tasks and responsibilities
    • media work during the camp/promotion before/web reports
    • food corrdination
    • transport coordination/organization
    • registration of participants
    • programme/speakers/schedules
    • 1st aid/protection & safety
    • finances
    • reminder
    • social issue observer (B.?)
    • coordination
    • boards ready before arrival
    • new email addresses for responsibilities

Financial issues

  • Overview: necessary expenses + available grant
  • how to support additional participants
  • camp fee? / food fee?
  • travel costs refunding
  • everyone has to talk to us first before expecting travel costs refunding => no money without confirmation from us
  • preparation meeting's participant list + travel costs refunding

Practical preparation issues

  • Visit to the uranium mine
  • Organization of food + overview of what we have and what we need
  • Transport for participants (local/excursion)
  • Protection & Safety
  • Construction work for the camp solar showers, compost toilets, outdoor kitchen)
  • building up the camp / clean up afterwards
  • info to neighbours
  • take off campfire site or build a new one
  • booklet with programme
  • Internet pool?
  • Food co-op overview / price list
  • Camp signs
  • Setting up schedule
  • Check the tents
  • Task shop construction
  • Curtains for toilet windows

Promotional issues

  • Invitation via e-mail or flyer?
  • Media work
  • Personal invitations
  • Cooperation talks to groups?
  • Which groups/countries we want to involve?
  • Invitations by post
  • Invitation of network gathering interested people
  • groups in Leipzig/Dresden

Participants issues

  • group process
  • how to make sure we will have the required participants?
    • communicate to each partner group to clarify it
    • list of required and registered people for each partner country
  • Communication with them – who will do it, collect announcements of participants, etc.
  • They should bring:
    • foam mattress
    • (tent)
    • sleeping bag
    • some money for donations
    • material for presenting the nuclear issues in their regions
    • (torch light, headlamp)
  • list of participants for having an overview
  • no pets
  • children allowed
  • what projects they would like to network?

Other issues

  • Camp rules
  • Info signs in English

What we need

  • Kitchen equipment
  • Transport vehicle
  • 1st aid kits
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Emergency mobile phone
  • Additional big tents (for relaxation / workshops)

Work tasks during the camp

  • Time keeper
  • Cooking
  • Registration of arriving people
  • Introduction to the camp site/house
  • Cleaning
  • Doing dishes
  • Task shop, programme, car pooling boards + general issues
  • Emergency person