International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Skype conference 10.06.2012

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Minutes of Skype conference 10.06.2012

The conference started with discussion of the camp program:

  • participants should arrive on July 28 in order to take part in the camp set-up (this is also important for travelling costs refunding)
  • July 29th – set up of the camp, July 30-Aug 3: workshops, presentations, excursion, networking (planning of future projects)
  • each partner country will hold a presentation about nuclear policy in the country
  • the excursion will take 1 day
  • the workshops/talks on other energy issues are also welcome
  • Everyone can suggest the topics they want to talk about and the topics they want to hear about (a wishlist of talks will be available in, everyone can add topics). Based on wishlist, we can invite other groups to join the camp, who have knowledge on these topics.
  • There were suggestions to have talks: about fascists in antinuclear movement and how to deal with it; how nuclear energy connects to nuclear weapons; how can we connect antinuclear movement and issues to feminism, antifascism, etc.; strategies to involve more people in antinuclear movement; strategies to achieve nuclear abolition
  • it is expected that parallel presentations/workshops will be organized
  • there are already two ideas for networking:
    1. International action day to shut down nuclear industry on September 29, 2012
    2. NukeNews newsletter. Participants should bring more ideas.
  • the departure days are August 3 and 4 as Falk will be leaving for Finland on Aug 4
  • We have 1 day with no planned structure. It may be left for networking (then it is two days for networking in total) or as an open day for additional presentations/workshops/etc.
  • August 4 will be the clean up day but in fact it should start on Aug 3
  • program may be changed/improved (depends on the situation)
  • 6 days of activities – cannot be reduced for formal reasons (grant)

Practical issues

  • participants must bring a sleeping bag and a foam mattress with them. Tents can be shared by groups (participants have to organize this by themselves).
  • all activities will take place outside, the house can be used only in emergency situations, for instance strong rain, storm
  • sleeping places inside the house may be provided only for people who cannot sleep in the tent due to health problems or other serious reasons
  • travel costs will be reimbursed after the camp, when participants send their tickets/receipts by post; reimbursement will take place in the middle of September; however, half of the travel costs (for the way to the camp) may be reimbursed during the camp if tickets will be handed over there
  • 1 person will be responsible for registration of the participants
  • 1 person will introduce the camp site

M. will prepare the agenda for the next Skype conference. The next Skype conferences will take place either on June 18, 21 or 25 at 21.00 CET. (The doodle decision was 25th of June - this will be the next Skype conference to prepare the camp)