International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Skype conference 25.06.2012

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Skype conference 10.06.2012

  • decide who will write the minutes of the Skype conference
  • discuss agenda's proposal

Agenda's Proposal

1) Set the program by topics:
 a) Presentations | b) Networking | c) Open day?

 a) Wich presentatiion each group would like to sugest?
 b) Network tools? Internacional Uraninum Conference? More sugestions?
 c) There should be a open day in the programme or not? (is that the
    question that was introduce at skype, right?)

 here you can see the programm already schedule (you have to scroll
 down to see it)  

2) Shall be presented other presentations/or do network connected with
   nuclear issues. like:
   - nuclear weapons / militarism problems
   - waste

3) Logistic of the camp ?
   during the day

4) Information and Media ?
   presse release in diferent languages? 

5) Financial issues
a) challenge: 30% of travel costs that have to be covered by
   participants themselves
   -> still not solved question - should be discussed
b) travel costs of additional participants ("over age", other
   countries, or if there are more young participants than applied
   -> we have possibilities with the grant to support at least 10 more
      people with their travel costs (not possible to cover the 30% of
      the participants above with this money); probably we can even
      support travel expenses of much more people, but for that we
      need first to be sure about all the other expenses - this should
      be clarified

6) State of the art - what has been done since the last meeting, what
   is urgently to be done?

7) Participants: who will join from which country? (start a list)

some minutes...

(not all discussions have been documented in detail)

1) state of affaires

  • What has been done since the last meeting, what is urgently to be done?
    1. Portugal, Austria and Slovenia, Lituanian are making the "promotion" of the camp through diferente groups in their own countries.
    2. Germany: Making a database to promote the camp; preparing the invitations/letter, making personal invitations through mailing lists, Facebook, making networks (Czech Republic uranium people); preparing flyers, press release, sending around minutes of the last meetings, updating the website, making contacts for the construction of the camp, making contacts to other tasks in the camp (re-funding?)
    3. other countries? what ups with the preparation camp there?
  • How many flyers each country needs to distribute there? send e-mail[1] and to where should be send it.
    • Portugal wants 100 (English)
    • Austria: 10 (German), 5 in English
    • Slovenia: nothing?
    • Lituania: 10?

2) Information and Media - press release in different languages?

  • L. will send press release. Everybody can make some comments and when everything is commented, Falk will send to press. Please send press national contacts to Falk

3) translation of invitations

  • If people have invitations of the camp in there own language please also send to Falk

4) Wich organisation it will be great to be in the camp?

  • if you have suggestions just say....(network list)

5) topics

  • Shall be presented other presentations/or do network connected with nuclear issues. like:
    • nuclear weapons / militarism problems - yes, if there are groups interested
    • waste - yes, if there are groups interested

6) preparations-logistic
List of Responsibilities

"....list of responsibilities to be shared between us and other volunteers to help with the gathering: Thus, we need supporters to realize the necessary tasks. Can everybody see it is possible to support some of them?"
  1. media work (during the camp/promotion before/web reports)
  2. food coordination (before the camp) - (M.)
  3. transport/logistics coordination
  4. communication with potential & registration of participants (Communication with them, collect announcements of participants, etc) - (K.)
  5. programme coordination
  6. speakers/schedules/workshops
  7. 1st aid/protection & safety
  8. finances - (Falk)
  9. reminder (remind people who volunteered for certain tasks)
  10. social issue observer - (B.)
  11. coordination (keeping an overview of necessary tasks, expenses and responsibilities; stress important organizing topics)
  12. information boards (brainstorming on ideas how to design them; make sure they will be prepared info boards have to be ready before arrival of participants)

Open tasks

  • Other Practical preparation issues. I will not not copy all, but just the one you talk at skype meeting. After Open the link above and check all.
    • booklet with programme - who wants to coordinate?
      • ask speakers & groups for contributions (info about their organizations, abstract of their presentations/workshops, presentations of their upcoming campaigns/projects
      • write text about camp
      • add preliminary programme
      • layout the booklet
      • send it out to participants via email
      • print it for participants in the camp
  • There are also tasks connected with Transport for participants, Construction work for the camp, building up the camp, cleaning up afterwards, info to neighbours, Internet pool, Camp signs

material list

"This is a list of material to be organized and provided for the gathering": (if people have sugestion to add material, just do it)
  • 1st aid kits
  • fire extinguishers
  • emergency (mobile) phone
  • curtains for compost toilets
  • kitchen equipment
  • additional big tents (for relaxation / workshops)

  1. For protection against automatical email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol.