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List of Responsibilities

We made a list of responsibilities to be shared between us and other volunteers to help with the gathering:

  • media work
during the camp/promotion before/web reports
  • food coordination
  • transport/logistics coordination
  • communication with potential & registration of participants (K.)
Communication with them, collect announcements of participants, etc.
  • programme coordination
  • 1st aid/protection & safety
  • finances (Falk[1])
  • reminder (M.)
remind people who volunteered for certain tasks
  • social issue observer (B.)
  • coordination
keeping an overview of necessary tasks, expenses and responsibilities; stress important organizing topics
  • information boards
brainstorming on ideas how to design them; make sure they will be prepared
info boards have to be ready before arrival of participants
  • documentation
collect minutes, summaries of workshops and presentations

Please comment if you are willing to take over a responsibility. We figured out that each of these fields is possibly such a big task that each person should not be responsible for more than one. Thus, we need supporters to realize the necessary tasks.

  1. For protection against automatical email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol.