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<= Summer Camp 2012 | <= Preparation

We need you to volunteer for caring about the tasks listed here. A list of tasks people already committed on can be found with the To Do list.


  • media work
    • L. will write an international press release, which will be sent to the media circa June 26-27[1]
      • to be sent out about one month before camp starts
      • a second press release to be sent out a couple of days before camp start is reasonable, too!
    • Falk will prepare a German media release based on the international one
      • to be sent out in the end of June, about one week before camp start and the day before the camp begins
  • L. and V. will do additional promotion in Lithuania[1]
  • invite groups by email
  • Connect to specific anti-nuclear groups (e.g. cooperation talks to involve them)
    • ask to promote our camp + connect other organizers of camps to exchange promotion of our events and promote the „anti-nuclear summer“
  • invite your friends & contacts to the camp (email, phone, personally)
  • distribute the flyers to your friends & groups / provide them at cafeś, book shops, social centers etc.
  • invite particularly groups from Leipzig/Dresden
  • internet bannner to promote the camp on websites - who can design it?
  • poster to be printed - who can design it?

Organizing issues

  • organize the visit to the uranium mine
    • Falk will contact people in the Czech Republic and find out if they can help with organization of such excursion[1]
  • setting up a preliminary schedule / programme for the camp
  • setting up the camp rules
  • setting up new email addresses for responsibilities

Practical preparation issues

  • Organization of food + overview of what we have and what we need
    • list of food we need for the camp
    • list of food already available
      • Food co-op overview / price list
    • organize more food:
      • ask for donations at the local organic shop
      • ask for donations from local farmers
      • dumpsterdiving?
    • prepare the storages with food provided to the camp
    • packing new food to shelves
  • Transport for participants (local/excursion)
    • organize car(s)
    • find more drivers
    • find transportation/logistics coordinator
  • Construction work for the camp
    • solar showers
    • compost toilets
    • outdoor kitchen
    • take off old campfire site and/or build a new one
  • building up the camp
    • setting up tents
    • construction of a task shop (tasks to be distributed between participants)
    • preparing first food
    • providing water to the outdoor kitchen
    • putting food to the outdoor kitchen and to camp storage room
    • setting up schedule wall
  • cleaning up afterwards
  • info to neighbours
    • write a short flyer with brief information on camp & excuse for any disturbance
    • distribute the flyer to mail boxes in the neighbourhood
  • booklet with programme
    • ask speakers & groups for contributions (info about their organizations, abstract of their presentations/workshops, presentations of their upcoming campaigns/projects)
    • write text about camp
    • add preliminary programme
    • layout the booklet
    • send it out to participants via email
    • print it for participants in the camp
  • Internet pool?
    • first office room? - prepare this room for the camp with necessary technics; clear away other stuff to second office room (to be locked during the camp?)
    • preparing an area with internet and computers
  • Camp signs
    • what signs are needed?
    • prepare signs (construction)
    • put up signs at the camp
  • check the (big) tents

Participants issues

  • info packet including booklet, feedback sheet for the Nuclear Heritage Network + maybe additional materials
  • communicate to each partner group to make sure we will have the required number of participants from each region
  • update list of announced participants
  • provide cash for refunding arrival costs if agreed on it with them beforehand (only if they hand over tickets to us at the same time; otherwise refunding later by bank transfer)

Financial issues

  • brainstorming on necessary expenses
  • organize more funding for additional participants or to support with the 30% of travel costs that usually can't be refunded