International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/preparation/Participants checklist

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Checklist participants

Communication with participants when they announce themselves

  • ask about participation in uranium mine excursion
    • the company we visit to have an excursion will need the data of the participants: name, address, birthday, passportnumber
  • ask about special requirements, allergies
  • inform about:
    • no pets
    • children support should be self organized by participants (we want the camp to be family friendly)
    • ask what projects they would like to network on?
    • ask what workshops/presentations/topics they would like to see/offer
  • ask if they have wishes for workshops, presentations or topics they would like to see in the gathering
  • ask if they want to offer workshops or presentations in the gathering
  • ask them to bring information material on their anti-nuclear work or group to the camp
  • ask them if they want to bring documentaries to the camp to be shown in the evenings
  • ask them if they represent a group; if they do, if they would like to give a very short presentation of their group
  • people offering presentations or workshops should be asked to send a brief summary of it ASAP for the camp website and the booklet
  • people offering presentations or workshops should be asked if they have files (like powerpoint presentation), if they would give them to us, and if they can be published on our website
  • ask participants to join the preparation mailing list
  • ask participants to join the next preparation Skype conferences

What participants should bring

  • foam matress
  • (tent)
  • sleeping bag
  • some money for donations
  • material for presenting the nuclear issues in their regions
  • (torch light, headlamp)

Arrival at the camp

What they need to know

  • introduction to Döbeln
  • introduction to the camp area
  • camp rules
  • protection & safety, emergency (mobile) phone number

What we have to do

  • refund travel costs if the requirements were met (correct dates, tickets, boarding cards, receipts, etc.)
  • present camp programm

What we need to do

  • before the camp starts: always update the list of participants (names, groups/countries, age, dates of arrival and departure, email address, phone number)
  • at the camp: register participants (sign in the participants lists)