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Join International Anti-nuclear Summer Camp 2019 in Döbeln!

Organizers from all around the world are inviting activists, experts
and all people interested in anti-nuclear topics to join the
international anti-nuclear camp in Döbeln, Germany, from August
12th-18th, 2019.

It is a great opportunity for people from different countries and
continents to come together and network, learn and share information.

-> register here: "camp2019 AT nuclear-heritage DOT net"

The draft of program is in progress. You can check it here:

You can expect to meet many interesting people who are eager to share
their knowledge and skills with each other and who partly are
organizers from anti-nuclear initiatives or organizations in different
countries. We will prepare an extensive program covering many
different topics of the atomic field. There will be presentations and
lectures, field trips and workshops.

This year we will concentrate also on uranium. In some countries this
substance is extracted, in others it is then processed into fuel rods
for nuclear power plants and some of them conduct uranium shipments.
In the program we already confirmed a lecture on the depleted uranium
disposal. Another one will be about the planned nuclear power plant
Hinkley Point in the UK and the links between this project and the
military. There will also be a presentation of the "Dont Nuke the
Climate" campaign. We hope for further submissions by you and will
update the camp program on our website and expand on program points.

For those whoever have interest but hesitate to participate at the
camp due to lack of basic information about nukes we will prepare an
introduction. We will provide a good overview on atomic technology,
threats and issues in a packed orientation lecture. This might in this
form be interesting and useful also for anti-nuclear veterans...

In the evenings, in addition to gathering around the campfire, you
will have the opportunity to watch international films on anti-nuclear
protests and actions, or to show your own films about your activist
work. We also plan a joint excursion to a radioactive waste

The program will be open for additional input and ideas on the spot.
And we invite every participant to share their information or to
outline the situation of atomic struggles in their region. During the
camp we will share responsibilities, help the kitchen group to prepare
the vegan food and organize the camplife together.

The gathering will provide simple food and opportunities for camping.
There is no big NGO with big budget in the background, and we don‘t
want to apply for big funding. Thus, everything will be organized on a
low-cost budget. However, we want to make the participation possible
also for people with low or no income and count on the participants‘
solidarity with each other. No fixed fees will be set, but
contributions on a considered self-determined basis are necessary to
make this event possible. Donations in advance are welcome!

You can also help practically joining the preparation group or
volunteering for certain tasks like interpretation during the camp or
translation of texts in advance, by spreading the word about the
event, or by taking over responsibilities at the camp like providing
vehicles for transport of material or railway shuttle, kids program,
providing big tents or infrastructure and whatever you would like to
offer. We will also need many people to help to set up the camp and
for cleaning up and taking the infrastructure down again afterwards
– for this reason we ask everyone who could help with this to join
setting up the camp infrastructure already from August 7-11, or to
help cleaning up and taking tents etc. down again from August 19-21.

The venue of the camp is located in Middle Saxony in Eastern Germany –
Döbeln is a town with a good railway connection to Leipzig.

For more details please visit our webpage:

Visit and promote the fundraising page of the camp:

Please get in touch with us for more information, registration and
offering lectures or workshops via email:
"camp2019 AT nuclear-heritage DOT net"

Talk soon!

Your Camp Preparation Group