International Network Office/Office group coordination meeting - minutes September 18, 2013

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Coordination meeting on September 18, 2013

participants: K., L., F.


  • L. will do investigations on Lithuanian NPPs

Possibilities to involve more volunteers

It is possible that more volunteers join the project. They can join on food and shelter basis, and be very flexible then, or, can join through voluntary programmes, such as BFD (Bundesfreiwilligendienst, no age limit, there is currently one place available), FÖJ (Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr, till 26, the voluntary year has to end before they are 27; usually starts 1st of September of a year). It would also be possible to do EVS (European Voluntary Service), but we would need to apply for accreditation first. R. said they would prepare something for accreditation. For that, description of possible tasks has to be made.


  • The flyer is usually printed in 1000 copies

Some tasks

  • preparing flyers (coordinating of people writing texts and translating)
  • Scribus - to create a template for flyers in this software, the same as it was formerly done in CorelDraw
  • promotion: first to prepare the concept of promotion, e.g. catalogue of flyers, shop; asking anti-nuclear groups, whether they are interested in getting flyers, sending them
  • organizing Network gatherings
  • office hours (now - every Wednesday 2-4 CET)
  • database of speakers, anti-nuclear groups and contact details
  • finances
  • promotion
  • "networking" - continuous contact with groups
  • lists of interests
  • updates of upcoming events
    • There was a suggestion from Friends of the Earth (FoE) Europe to add EU process events to the list of updated events. However, they didn't provide the events yet, thus this new section hasn't been started yet.
  • short infotext to introduce the office
  • invite volunteers