International Peace Walk Towards A Nuclear Free Future

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  • April 26 - July 9, 2009
  • from Geneva (SWITZERLAND) via Nyon, Saint-Prex, Lausanne, Moudon, Payerne, Murten, Muhleberg, Bern, Schalunen, Flumenthal, Holderbank, Liestal, Basel, Schopfheim (GERMANY), Schonau, Oberried, Freiburg, Bad Krozingen, Fessenheim (FRANCE), Baltzenheim, Weisweil (GERMANY), Gerstheim (FRANCE), Strasbourg, Rheinau (GERMANY), Hugelsheim, Neumalsch, Karlsruhe, Graben-Neudorf, Philippsburg, Schwetzingen, Ludwigshafen, Lampertheim, Biblis, Heppenheim an der Wiese, Steinborn, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, Offenbach-Hundeim, Kirn, Dickenschied, Grenderich, Büchel, Kelberg, Ahrdorf, Blankenheim, Schleiden, Simmerath, Aachen, Gulpen – Wittem (NETHERLANDS), Maastricht, Genk (BELGIUM), Kleine Brogel, Beringen, Bekkevoort, Beauvechain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Hoeilhaart to Brussels

Tour has started

The first steps of this years Footprints for Peace Walk "Towards a Nuclear Free Future" has began from the World Health Organisation, Geneva Switzerland.

Twenty five international walkers from USA, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, France and Italy have joined together to walk from the World Health Organisation in Geneva to the European Parliament in Brussels for over 70 days to raise awareness about alternative energy and sustainable lifestyles while exposing the deadly effects of the nuclear industry.

The walk will visit many nuclear facilities to work with local communities to raise public awareness about the suffering and coercion that local community and environment through out the world face by the nuclear industry. The nuclear process affects us all - from the mining of uranium, transportation, enrichment, reprocessing, nuclear power plants, weapons and dumping of radioactive waste.

Footprints for Peace took part in the Chernobyl International Action Day and joined with others to make a chain from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to the United Nations in a tribute to Chernobyl liquidators. In an emotional vigil many stood in white masks behind pictures of those that have passed for the independence of the WHO and for the truth about the consequences of radioactive contamination on health. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) keeps pretending no more than 50 people have died so as to protect the nuclear industry.

Footprints for Peace REFUSES to FORGET Chernobyl as it still keeps claiming lives today.

We will remember Chernobyl in Australia, deepening our commitment to a nuclear free future as the Western Australia Government is planning to start mining uranium in this State: Uranium Mining is the first step to DISASTER!!

Footprints for Peace is a global community of friends who are dedicated to creating change through peaceful action. Our aim is to educate, inspire, empower individuals and communities in building a sustainable future.

This years walk will end the series of walks that has happened in Europe since 2007 leading up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. We will be walking in 2010 from Y12 Nuclear Facility in Tennessee to the United Nations in New York for the Nuclear Non Proliferation Review Conference.

Please pass through friends, family and contacts as we would like to one day walk with you all....

For more information see:

Tour Schedule

Date Starting Town Finishing Town KM’s
Fri April 24th Gathering in Geneva
Sat April 25th Walk through Geneva
Sun April 26th Demo at Bern & Back
Mon April 27th Geneva Nyon 25
Tues April 28th Nyon Saint-Prex 23
Wed April 29th Saint-Prex Lausanne 16
Thur April 30th RESTDAY
Fri May 1st Lausanne Moudon 24
Sat May 2nd Moudon Payerne 23
Sun May 3rd Payerne Murten 20
Mon May 4th Murten Muhleberg NPP 15
Tues May 5th REST DAY
Wed May 6th Muhleburg Bern 16
Thurs May 7th Bern Schalunen 23
Fri May 8th Schalunen Flumenthal 21
Sat May 9th Flumenthal Holderbank 22
Sun May 10th Holderbank Liestal 24
Mon May 11th Liestal Basel 16
Tues May 12th RESTDAY
Wed May 13th Basel Schopfheim (GERMANY) 25
Thurs May 14th Schopfheim Schonau RENEWABLE ENERGY 23
Fri May 15th RESTDAY
Sat May 16th Schonau Oberried 24
Sun May 17th Oberried Freiburg 16
Mon May 18th RESTDAY
Tues May 19th Freiburg Bad Krozingen 16
Wed May 20th Bad Krozingen Fessenheim NPP(FRANCE) 17
Thurs May 21st RESTDAY
Fri May 22nd Fessenheim Baltzenheim 24
Sat May 23rd Baltzenheim Weisweil(GERMANY) 19
Sun May 24th Weisweil Gerstheim(FRANCE) 25
Mon May 25th Gerstheim Strasbourg 25
Wed May 27th Strasbourg Rheinau (GERMANY) 24
Thurs May 28th Rheinau Hugelsheim 24
Fri May 29th Hugelsheim Neumalsch 20
Sat May 30th Neumalsch Karlsruhe 17
Sun May 31st Karlsruhe Graben-Neudorf 23
Mon June 1st Graben-Neudorf Philippsburg NPP 12
Tues June 2nd RESTDAY
Wed June 3rd Philippsburg Schwetzingen 23
Thurs June 4th Schwetzingen Ludwigshafen 18
Fri June 5th Ludwigshafen Lampertheim 18
Sat June 6th Lampertheim Biblis NPP 12
Sun June 7th RESTDAY
Mon June 8th Biblis Heppenheim an der wiese 22
Tues June 9th Heppenheim an der wiese Steinborn 20
Wed June 10th Steinborn Kaiserslautern 27
Thurs June 11th Kaiserslautern Ramstein MILITARY BASE 19
Fri June 12th Ramstein Offenbach-hundeim 27
Sat June 13th Offenbach-hundeim Kirn 27
Sun June 14th RESTDAY
Mon June 15th Kirn Dickenschied 21
Tues June 16th Dickenschied Grenderich 27
Wed June 17th Grenderich Buchel Nuclear Weapons Base 25
Thurs June 18th RESTDAY
Fri June 19th Buchel Kelberg 22
Sat June 20th Kelberg Ahrdorf 23
Sun June 21st Ahrdorf Blankenheim 14
Mon June 22nd Blankenheim Schleiden 22
Tues June 23rd Schleiden Simmerath 22
Wed June 24th Simmerath Aachen 27
Thurs June 25th RESTDAY
Fri June 26th Aachen Gulpen – Wittem (NETHERLANDS) 18
Sat June 27th Gulpen – Wittem (NL) Maastricht 18
Sun June 28th Maastricht Genk (BELGIUM) 20
Mon June 29th Genk (BE) Kleine Brogel 25
Tues June 30th RESTDAY Nuclear Weapons Base
Wed July 1st RESTDAY
Thurs July 2nd Kleine Brogel Beringen 25
Fri July 3rd Beringen Bekkevoort 22
Sat July 4th Bekkevoort Beauvechain 27
Sun July 5th Beauvechain Louvain-la-Neuve 20
Mon July 6th RESTDAY
Tues July 7th Louvain-la-Neuve Hoeilhaart 19
Wed July 8th Hoeilhaart Brussels NATO HQ 11
Thur July 9th Brussels EU Commission CLOSING CIRCLE