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  • independent Anti-nuclear movement in Germany
    • radical leftish informal network, without specific structures or institutions
    • usually there are two networking conferences each year: the spring conference and the autumn conference of the anti-nuclear movement
  • ANEF - Anti Nuclear European Forum
    • was founded after the European Nuclear Energy Forum had been come to light to be a pro-nuclear plattform (what a surprise - wasn't this clear from the very beginning?)
    • 1st meeting was June 17, 2009 in Linz (A) with some 100 participants from several countries - report of the Austrian politician Elisabeth Kerschbaum (German)
    • is a forum of environmental and/or anti-nuclear NGOs
  • NoNukes Asia Forum

Internationally Working Organizations

  • WISE - World Information Service on Energy
    • WISE is an information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear energy, radioactive waste, radiation, and related issues.