PR:Anti-nuclear activists from all over Europe will network in Döbeln, Germany

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Media Release
Monday, July 9, 2012

Anti-nuclear activists from all over Europe will network in Döbeln, Germany

From July 29 to August 3 anti-nuclear activists from all over Europe will share their knowledge and plan joint actions in the international anti-nuclear network gathering and camp in the German town Döbeln (Middle Saxony).

Activists will inform each other about atomic developments and anti-nuclear activities in their countries, will share campaigning and creative resistance skills. Activists will also visit an uranium mine near German-Czech border. The gathering is supposed to foster new campaigns and actions, and it will strengthen the international cooperation between anti-nuclear activists in already existing projects.

“While the nuclear industry globally tries to push new dangerous projects forwards, anti-nuclear groups and activists will gather to strengthen the powers to stop the atomic lobby and to immediately shutdown all nuclear plants. Numbers of atomic developments have been stoped by engaged people across the world. We have the power and duty to prevent more nuclear disasters like Fukushima as well as the continuous radioactive pollution of the world,“ says Falk Beyer, one of the camp organizers. He works with the German environmental youth organization Greenkids e.V.

Activists from Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden as well as from other countries are expected to participate in the event.

"Nuclear lobbies are pouring money to new power plant's promotion in Lithuania, we need to be creative to fight it. I hope this gathering will give a lot of inspiration and ideas how to do that effectively," says another camp organizer Laura Gintalaite.

The camp is being organized in context of the “Nuclear Heritage Network”, an international informal network of anti-nuclear activists from grassroot groups and organizations across the world. This will be the second international anti-nuclear network meeting in Germany. The first one took place in Frankfurt/Main three years ago. The network had also been gathering in France, Slovenia, Finland and Czech Republic. Former gatherings resulted in the Olkiluoto NPP Blockade, which became an annual event, and the Baltic Sea Info Tour in 2010, among other projects.

The international gathering in Döbeln is part of the “anti-nuclear action summer”, which will start in July with the anti-nuclear camp in Lubiatowo, Poland, close to the planned new nuclear power plant. After the gathering in Döbeln, activists will head to the Blockade and Protest Camp at Olkiluoto, Finland. The anti-nuclear action summer will end with a anti-nuclear sailing trip across the Baltic Sea and a bike tour from Stockholm, Sweden, to Greifswald, Germany.

Promoters of the Gathering:

  • Association of ecological movements of Slovenia (SLO)
  • GAIA (P)
  • Greenkids e.V. (D)
  • Milkas (S)
  • Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire (F)
  • Sonne + Freiheit (A)
  • Turva (FIN)
  • WISE (NL)
  • LT Greens (LT)

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