PR:Day Against Repository should be a reminder that the problem is still not being solved

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=> CZECH version of this press release

Press release of the Platform Against Deep Repository dated April 7, 2017

Day Against Repository should be a reminder that the problem is still not being solved

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, the third annual Day Against Repository is being held, this year under the auspices of the newly established Platform Against Deep Repository, which currently brings together 22 municipalities and 11 associations. In all seven sites in the Czech Republic, where the Radioactive Waste Repository Authority (RAWRA) is siting a locality for a permanent deep geological repository, there are being held joint actions, such as protest marches, marathon, planting trees, public debates, film screening and other events. Mayors and residents of the affected municipalities want to draw attention to their firm opposition to the approach of state authorities, which might result in disposal of high-level radioactive waste, dangerous for thousands of generations, underneath their homes.

Government postpones approval of the new national programme for radioactive waste and spent fuel management, which should honestly assess whether a final deep geological repository is the best option and if the siting process is set up well. The government also failed to adopt the draft Act to strengthen the rights of municipalities and it postponed further debate on it until 2018. Moreover, the Chamber of Deputies has recently excluded public from participation in the permitting exploration areas for a deep geological repository.

In spite of missing geological and other data from the planned but not implemented geological surveys, RAWRA continues to prepare the selection of “the most suitable” sites for more and deeper (“invasive”) geological work. Very freely set selection criteria which do not provide assurance that RAWRA is looking for a site with the best available safety guaranteed for hundreds of thousands of years, allow RAWRA to do that.

To underline its close cooperation on a common problem, Platform Against Deep Repository decided to rotate their spokespersons every six months. Petr Klásek, mayor of Chanovice of the Březový potok site, who has introduced the Platform to the public as its first spokesman, will be now replaced by Jiří Popelka of the Magdalena site for the next six months. Jiří Popelka is the deputy mayor of the town of Jistebnice and chairman of the Zachovalý kraj (the “Preserved Region”) association.

Jiří Popelka, the spokesman for the Platform Against Deep Repository said: "Especially in the last period of time, the government's approach to the siting process for a deep geological repository in relation to the people living in the affected villages becomes increasingly more confrontational. Therefore, the cooperation between municipalities and associations is the basis for promoting the interests of the citizens of the sites."

Petr Klásek, the former spokesman for the Platform Against Deep Repository said farewell using these words: "In my opinion, the current legislation generally does not provide the equivalent starting position in the decision-making process to all parties involved in the problem. However, I still believe that the authorities really start to perceive the municipalities and their citizens as important and equal partners in these negotiations. I consider strengthening mutual trust between state authorities and municipalities as necessary step to continue the discussions and activities aiming at a commonly acceptable solution to this complex issue."

You will find details of the actions on the Day Against Repository in seven sites (the events are subject to the ongoing updates by the organizers) on a .

Further information can be obtained from:

  • Jiří Popelka, the deputy mayor of the town of Jistebnice, chairman of the Zachovalý kraj association and spokesman for the Platform Against Deep Repository, tel.: +420 739 339 028, popelka DOT jiri AT centrum DOT cz[1]

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