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Press release of the Platform Against Deep Repository dated June 6, 2017

Platform Against Deep Repository held a meeting in Chanovice

Chanovice – This time the Assembly of the members of the Platform Against Deep Repository took place in Chanovice which is in another of the sites threatened by the deep geological repository project, called the Březový potok by the Repository Authority (RAWRA). Since the October meeting in Božejovice, the group has strengthened its membership to 34 (22 municipalities and 12 associations from all seven original sites).

The Platform Against Deep Repository expresses its dissatisfaction with the Strategic Impact Assessment (SEA) process for the update of the national programme on radioactive waste and spent fuel management, which ignores the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment to compare the benefits and risks of different options for spent fuel management. Also, the timing of the public discussion at the very end of June in Prague makes it clear to people from the sites selected for the repository that their opinion is not really of great interest. Therefore, the Platform will prepare an electronic form for all submissions on its website .

The Platform also decided to set up the Scientific Committee as its advisory body and appointed its first members: a geologist Mgr. Matěj Machek Ph.D., a lawyer Mgr. Pavel Doucha and a natural scientist Mgr. Daniel Vondrouš.

Members of the Platform Against Deep Repository are strictly in opposition to the new confrontational style of the RAWRA, which, through advertisements and other forms, provides the residents of the sites and regions affected by the siting process for a repository with misleading information about the opponents' arguments. Thus the once adored dialogue has been thwarted as an unnecessary junk that hampers hundreds of millions of money flowing from a nuclear account.

The Platform Against Deep Repository seeks to stop the siting process for a repository and wants the nationwide debate about the problem of spent nuclear fuel and various ways of solving it. It reminds that if a site is to be sought, the siting process must be transparent and open, clear and comprehensible selection criteria must be adopted beforehand and laws to ensure that municipalities and the public can effectively defend their legitimate interests when deciding on the management of the spent fuel and radioactive waste must be adopted.

Jiří Popelka, a spokeswoman for the Platform Against Deep Repository, said: "Unfortunately, RAWRA gives a message through its practices and media outputs that it is not interested in the opinions of the people in the sites."

Further information can be obtained from:

  • Jiří Popelka, the deputy mayor of the town of Jistebnice, chairman of the Zachovalý kraj association and spokesman for the Platform Against Deep Repository, tel.: +420 739 339 028, popelka DOT jiri AT centrum DOT cz[1]

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