PR:Renewable energy supporters demand Fennovoima stakeholders to give up the nuclear power project

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Press release 11.3.2015

Renewable energy supporters demand Fennovoima stakeholders to give up the nuclear power project

On the fourth anniversary of Fukushima nuclear accident, organizers of Better Power!-camp want to remind that nuclear power is high-risk and expensive and cleaner energy must be used instead. At Pyhäjoki Camp, organized from 8th to 21st of June, people leave nuclear power behind and move on toward renewable energy sources.

The purpose of the camp is to let the citizen's voices against nuclear power to be heard. The nature of the Hanhikivi peninsula in Pyhäjoki must be preserved. The destroying of nature in the area has begun even before the information on whether the construction permit will be admitted and such actions must be terminated immediately. It is impossible to build a just society, if the applicant for a permit or its supporters are allowed to make preparatory work beforehand, such as cutting trees or road construction, and pressure to comply in this way. Employment must be developed with ways and investments that are ethically sound. Renewable, distributed energy production offers genuine possibilities for local communities to develop further.

Friends of the Earth Finland and Women for Peace in Finland invite everyone to Better Power! -toward distributed energy production -camp in Pyhäjoki from 8 th to 21th of June. During the camp weeks, anti-nuclear and cleaner energy sources will be dealt with through lectures, workshops and actions. The camp will be formed as the participants choose to build it. So far, the supporting organisations are Friends of the Earth Finland, Women for Peace in Finland and Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Hyökyaalto-network organises a parallel camp at the same time.

Fennovoima got a conditional decision in principle to build a nuclear plant from the Finnish Parliament in December 2014. The plant does not have a construction permit yet and the so-called Finnish-European stakeholder basis is crumbling away. Over half of Fortum, which has been promised to save Fennovoima, is owned by the state of Finland. The high-risk investment of Fortum would result in taxpayers being forced to be liable for the parliament decision they do not agree with!

Builder of the Fennovoima's reactor ended up to be Russia's corporation Rosatom and according to business contract, the nuclear fuel would also be coming from at least for the first ten years. Rosatom's other main industry is the production of nuclear weapons, which means that Finland would directly support Russia's production of nuclear weapons. It is possible that in addition to a nuclear reactor, a new nuclear repository will be placed in the Hanhikivi peninsula because Posiva has clearly stated that the Onkalo repository cannot hold Fennovoima's nuclear waste. The energy plant would produce a heritage of waste to locals and the whole project would result in national problems that would last a long time to the future.

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