PR:The Calendar for SÚRAO: Our Secure Future Without Geological Disposal Facility

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Joint Press Release by Representatives of Municipalities and Associations of December 17, 2015

The Calendar for SÚRAO: Our Secure Future Without Geological Disposal Facility

The Radioactive Waste Repository Authority (SÚRAO) gets an unusual Christmas gift in the form of a 2016 calendar[1]. It was dedicated to it by representatives of municipalities and associations from all seven sites, which have been identified by SÚRAO as potentially suitable for the construction of a permanent geological disposal facility for spent fuel. Every month, the images in the calendar will remind SÚRAO of that people oppose the state procedure for the following reasons:

1. The State decides against the people’s will. The State decides against the people’s will. SÚRAO proceeds in spite of the will of residents in communities which are threatened by the construction of the geological disposal facility. In 2016, it plans to start geological surveys. SÚRAO does not respect the results of 28 existing local referendums [2] and the views of local municipalities and associations. As a result, the established exploration areas in all seven sites have been challenged by lawsuits filed in by total of 18 municipalities and 6 associations and other associations are joining lawsuits as parties involved.

2. More appropriate statutory rules have not been accepted. SÚRAO continues with the geological surveys without having resolved the situation with legislatively unequal roles of municipalities and the state. A bill to strengthen the rights of municipalities, prepared by Working Group for Dialogue on Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) [3], has still a long and uncertain journey through the Government and Parliament.

3. It is not clear based on what criteria the State decides in 2017 which of today's sites will stay on shortlist and how the planned geological surveys will contribute to a short-listing process. Yet, it is a key process, after which work towards GDF will continue in some of today's localities and elsewhere people will take a rest.

There is no nationwide discussion on disposal of spent nuclear fuel, which would involve not only the residents of the affected areas but also scientists, journalists and the general public. Transferring the consequences of irresponsible actions by the State on several villages which have no legal possibility of influencing their decision-making in the future, is unacceptable.

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