Ranua Rescue Camp

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Camp Set Up in Ranua to Monitor Areva's Mining Activities

We can't trust Areva or the authorities. All their information is really contradictional. First both Areva and the environmental authorities said clearly: Areva doesn't and can't start the deep drilling before they get the claim. Areva has announced several times that they stop working because there is nothing they could legally do before the ministry's permission=claim.

BUT: there are at least two holes, and an expert said after seeing a foto that those looks like drilling holes. No-one knows how deep those are, as Kaipainen from Areva says they haven't drill anything. The chief of the environment protection from "Lapplands enviroment center" didn't know anything about the holes (with white, sweating face), but wanted to have the fotos and after all said that AREVA IS ALLOUD TO DO DEEP DRILLING BY THE PERMISSION OF THE LAND OWNER, and there is nothing they can do unless they could proof that it would harm the environment seriouly, just maybe is not enough. The boss of areva says they are not doing anything because they can't, but at the same time they said at their web page that they can start drilling by the land owners permission.

So we see that there needs to be observators. Ready to film whatever happens there, and call more people if they try to start drilling. Hopefully not, if they know it wouldn't stay hidden. But if they would be that stupied, we would be ready to act, and the show would really start.

The idea is that the camp would stay there as long as needed, means over the winter. Some people may visit one night, some longer. There are already tents with "fireplace", and the idea is to build the camp so that it would be possible, even nice, to be there at winter time as well (personally waiting for the northern lights..)

One point is, that Ranua council will after all vote for their opinion about the mining soon. Starting the camp just when they vote can be the best timing ever! Even if their "no" wouldnt save the situation, just make it a little bit better.