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This is a page for thinking about how the thoughts in Strange Victories: Analysis of the Antinuclear Movement in the U.S. and Europe, written in 1979 by Midnight Notes collective, could apply to the present situation and to different places. Unless others get inspired (or want to criticise), i guess there will mainly be thoughts from one person (me). Everyone is very welcome to add own viewpoints of course!

Lines of thought/Discussion:

As you can see, the most important ones are at the bottom!


Poor arguments? Inaccurate claims? Wrong opinions? Critique of the source is important, but in the other sections i want to mainly deal with the material "as-such", i.e. assume it's correct unless the opposite is evident. This section is for assembling all kinds of critique of the source material and its assumptions/foundations.

The development of the European Movement

Strange Victories doesn't go very deeply into the development of the European antinuclear movements: it mostly uses them as points of reference or comparison for its discussion of the U.S. movement. This section is for developing more detailed analysis of movements in Europe, especially of how the issues described in Strange Victories relate to them.

Development 79-present

Obviously not described in Strange Victories, which was published in 1979. How have things developed between then and now in nuclear industry and the antinuclear movement?

Today? Tomorrow?

What's the situation now? What are the recent moves of nuclear capital, and what could be its likely next moves? What's going on in the antinuclear movement(s)? What is it's social composition today? -alleged "nuclear offensive", especially in finland - reasons? -the climate issue -crisis - of climate, economy, everything...

Suggestions for action

What to do next? What to do different? What can this analysis give us (whom?) on the level of strategy & action?

Related Material

Other resources that can bring something to these discussions.