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This template is used for the description of images of the Castor resistance in Germany between November 5-9, 2010. Please change it only if you know what it will effect!

Castor transport to Gorleben 2010 in the Wendland region between November 5-9, 2010

In November 2010 the 12th so-called "Castor transport" of high level radioactive waste was shipped from the plutonium factory La Hague in France to a temporary repository in Gorleben, federal state of Lower Saxony. 11 Containers with a radioactivity of 40 Hiroshima bombs each were part of this shipment. It was the next to last transport of the supposed high level radioactive Castor transports from France to Germany. In 2005 the shipments of nuclear waste from Germany to the so-called "reprocessing units" (factories to extract plutonium from the high level radioactive waste for further usage in atomic bombs or in MOX fuel elements) was forbidden. A bilateral agreement had been fixed about the amount of radioactive waste to bring back to Germany...

Photo: Falk Beyer