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Aug. 19th – 25th 2013
News out of Japan continues to be the top nuclear story on the planet, however the number of articles pushing for Yucca Mountain has gone through the ceiling in the U.S. Press. The Fukushima story has a lot of subthemes, including growing concerns from nearby countries as S. Korea regulators found radiation Japanese fish destined for their market, with a similar story on contaminated Tuna offshore of California. Lots of subtle manipulation in the coverage, for example, UPI claims that Japan has raised the severity of the leak to level "1" while its actually been raised to level 3. Another story published how students had just gotten 150,000 anti-nuclear signatures, while the next day the number jumped to 1 million. Tepco has claimed that its stopped the leak on the main tank, while another says there are leaks in other units.

Germany spoke out this last week about EU attempts to mess with their plans to continue with a nuclear phaseout. There wasn’t a lot of news around the world other than the n-waste dump on Lake Huron on the US border with Canada that continues to heat up.

Again, as mentioned there’s now been a howling by conservative papers across the country about how Obama broke the law and can’t be allowed to get away with it on his order to stop Yucca Mountain. Senator Reid continues to call Yucca dead. Speaking of leaks, a fairly serious leak happened at Hanford. There was literally no coverage of an NRC hearing on n-waste and spent fuel issues however. In a fairly serious turn of events, the Nation published a new story supporting nuclear power, relying on the recent pro-nuclear push out of the NY Times to rationalize the story, even quoting Pandora’s Promise! They at least put a link to their recent debate with Mark Hertzgaard however. Joe Mangano released a new report on the health impacts around the Palisades reactor. And of course there was one a media frenzy this weekend about an African found with enriched uranium in his shoes at JFK that will be making the terrorist rounds. Note that I pulled all the Yucca stories out of the top stories section and put them in the Fuel Cycle tab if you want to dig through them. Its kind of clear that there needs to be a bit of a response to this huge pro-Yucca spin.

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