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This template can be included by pages of this wiki. It is used by the main page of the Ranua Rescue project.

Ranua Rescue is a campaign opposing nuclear power company AREVA's plans to prospect and mine uranium is Ranua, a municipality in southern Lapland, Finland. With the campaign we want to stop the uranium prospecting and bring attention to this less known but even more destructive side of nuclear power.
Ranua Rescue is independent from political parties and NGO's, not committed to any special political ideology or religion. The participants agree that there should not be any uranium mines in Ranua or anywhere else. An uranium mine leaves the nature devastated for forever, seriously threatens the health of local inhabitants and destroys many other sources of living. The Ranua Rescue campaigners can have disagreements about other political questions and world views.
Marketing political parties or other organizations is not allowed within the campaign. As an international campaign we want to highlight that we don't oppose AREVA only because from Finnish point of view it is a foreign (French) company. The damages uranium mines cause are of the similar type not depending of the nationality of the company, country or the people.
Tens of people from all around Finland and several other countries have taken interest of the campaign as there is people all around the world fighting the same problems and even the same company.
We in Ranua Rescue campaign accept non-violent civil disobedience as means to protect the people and the nature in situations when law doesn't protect them.