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Wiki maintenance



Please help to support more languages for this page!

A Wiki-Workshop took place on 9/2013 (German) which has been incorporated to this page. Some other tasks can also be found on Falk's page.

Just pick at will, add your name (add --~~~ to the line) and update afterwards.

Check also Category:Need love.

Image previews

Abstract: We need to send a support mail to chmod -R the image directory.

During upgrade also some images "disappeared" - they are not visible in the thumbnail and on the filelist, but the image can accessed with the direct link. On the image description page, the info about the image is still there (like the file history part).

Notes from a talk in #mediawiki

Adding ?action=purge to the end of the url (or &action=purge if the url has a ? already in it) does not change anything.
"Fehler beim Erstellen des Vorschaubildes: Die Miniaturansicht konnte nicht am vorgesehenen Ort gespeichert werden"
I assume it's a problem with the directory write permissions. (i am not the server admin). the image folder has 775 - should be sufficient?
Depends if the webserver user owns the folder
There are lots of subfolders - maybe during upgrade some thumb subfolders did not inherit the write permissions
Also make sure all subdirectories have similar permissions
chmod has a -R option for recursive that can be helpful in situations like this, i.e.: chmod -R www-data:www-data /path/to/image/root (or whatever your webserver's user is)
The wiki admin told me that he cannot change that directly but was in contact to the server admin who gave up after some hourse trying to troubleshoot. the write errors showed up in the server log, but changing the permission did not seem to change anything as he said.
Sometimes other things can matter, like if you have selinux, although that's kind of rare
Do you know if, after the update, the maintenance script "update.php" was run?
Yes, it was run, maybe this one was corrupeted. the current version is 1.19.1. i think jpberlin is running debian.
I don't think its likely an issue with update.php would cause images to dissapear, since update.php mostly does db things, and images live outside of : the db and the image table hasn't changed, since pretty much ever
Maybe the folder structure has been touched during the upgrade - either by the software or during some copying. I dont know.
That sounds most likely.


If you are familiar with wiki administration and plugins like Semantic Mediawiki we can use your help. Please leave use a message via talk page or email. Below is a list of other features we would like to have.


To add interactive maps like this one, some plugins are necessary:


In a former version we used calendaring plugins which are no longer available in this version.

They left over a lot of uncatorized categories that should be aligned with Category:Calendar.

Also it would be nice, to have such a feature back. Which of the calendar extentions work with out Version?

RSS feeds

  • The Atom feed is malformed.
  • Currenty rss extension does not work. For any feed the error is: Failed to load RSS feed

A more detailed error should appear in the logs.


Extension:RSS -- Error: " http://bellona.no/index.rdf" is not in the whitelist of allowed feeds. There are no allowed feed URLs in the whitelist.

Extension:RSS -- Error: "http://enformable.com/category/nuclear_news/feed/" is not in the whitelist of allowed feeds. There are no allowed feed URLs in the whitelist.

    • NPPs

Extension:RSS -- Error: "http://enformable.com/topics/nuclear-power-plant/feed/" is not in the whitelist of allowed feeds. There are no allowed feed URLs in the whitelist.

    • nuclear fuel

Extension:RSS -- Error: "http://enformable.com/topics/nuclear-fuel/feed/" is not in the whitelist of allowed feeds. There are no allowed feed URLs in the whitelist.


Abstract: It is currently easily possible to add new languages for all pages using option III ({{Translations}}) as it is applicable without any plugins for all lemma and looks nice. By this we can even have localized categories. Let's invite everybody to add news in their preferred language!
  • NukeNews: Currently all topics that are covered inside the NukeNews are added as category in every language version. This makes those categories messed up.

Option I: move all NukeNews pages to a subcategory for each edition, to make other categories in this wiki less messed up

  • The problem with this approach is that readers will only see those categories if they click on the subcategory page.

Option II: This extension is used by translatewiki.net and many other projects. Internally they use 'translate toolkit' (other tools How it works

Option III: Learning from professionals at wikipedia, important pages should be equipped with a Template:Translations sidebar to be used with {{translations}}.

Option IV: Have all translations on one page of which only one is shown. Another plugin is needed for that.

Translation requests

On meta.wikimedia.org they us an interesting system to request translation with deadline. They use it for

  • Announcements
  • policies and guidelines
  • Notices (e.g. sitenotices)
  • Messages from/to the Wikimedia Foundation and its Board
  • Messages on your local project need to translate into/from your language
  • language help in communications with each other

This page is longing for translation: de-en

If the target language is your mother tongue, please help

{{subst:ask a translation
|sign=[[User:Kardan|Kardan]] ([[User talk:Kardan|talk]]) 08:31, 17 October 2013 (CEST) 

On th this wiki the same can be done simply with {{translate|de-en}} to wish for a translation from german to english by add the yellow box on the right to the article page. See also Translation


Some templates are self explaining, some are old and undocumented and should documented or replaced.

However the development of new templates is more important.

NPP infobox template

For all [:Cateory:NPP|]] there shall be a uniform infobox to collect data in a machine readable format:

[[:Category: Finland|]]'s atomic policy


Reactors: 6
Repositories: 3
Mines: 5


This creeates the box on the right which can be used for overview pages like Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region.

For NPP pages there currently is no standardized system. Currently we have:

==== Atomic situation and policy in Baltic Sea countries ====


"Subpages are useful for organising information hierarchically. On the other hand, subpages tend to have a long name that is hard to remember, so it may be more user-friendly to use them as little as possible. You can also organize pages with the category feature, which is more suitable for creating a hierarchical network of information."

  • Displaying subpages "By default, MediaWiki’s subpage feature is turned off in the main namespace, but can be used on talk pages and user pages. See Help:Namespaces for description of namespaces and Manual:$wgNamespacesWithSubpages#Enabling for a namespace to learn how to modify this default behaviour."
  • Manual:$wgNamespacesWithSubpages
  • "Since the magic word Template:Wiki maintenance outputs the current page, the general wiki markup to show all subpages of the current page is {{Special:PrefixIndex/{{FULLPAGENAME}}/}}."
  • The subpage extensions, such as [Extension:SubPageList Extension:SubPageList], let you customize the display of subpages