Together against Nuclear - International Conference 2013 in Vienna

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Together against Nuclear

Invitation for a three-day International Anti-Nuclear Conference & Camp in Austria 30th May–1st June, 2013

Background: Nuclear power continues to be one of the greatest threats to life on planet earth.
We come together under the following assumption: We all want a nuclear free Europe (meaning: all reactors closed) within an ambitious timeframe. We want to create a new way of collaboration and exchange among anti-nuclear groups by bringing together people from different networks and backgrounds. We provide open space not only for sharing know-how and ideas but also to facilitate the development of a future strategy.

Who we are: We are organisations working against nuclear power, coming from different networks such as Friends of the Earth, WISE, Réseau “Sortir du nucléaire” and others who have joined forces to strengthen our work.

Who we invite: We invite anti-nuclear activists, experts and campaigners from all over Europe who are interested in sharing their skills and experiences as well as in joining strategic thinking on issues of nuclear power.

Objectives: With this meeting we intend to start off a yearly event, a dynamic process of learning from each other and strengthening our work on a national and international level. We want people to gain and share as much knowledge as possible and to feel that we are all part of a large movement which can grow stronger. Hence, we want to spark enthusiasm and motivation for carrying on the struggle against nuclear power

Agenda: The meeting will consist of two parts.
The first part will be one and a half days of conference in Vienna. There will be space for sharing skills, knowledge and experiences. We will get to know each other and about the work we are doing, in order to arise and discuss potential common campaigns. This meeting is aimed to become an annual event which is why we want to facilitate its continuity by involving participants in the planning process for 2014.
The second part will be one day in form of a camp at NPP Zwentendorf, the Austrian nuclear power station which was never commissioned due to a public referendum in 1978. Topic will be the anti-nuclear activism. The camp will offer possibilities of practical capacity building (on social media, crowdfunding, climbing, measuring and interpreting radiation) as well as on theoretical know-how for activism.
At the same time, Zwentendorf will be the venue for the TOMORROW FESTIVAL, a big anti-nuclear open air music festival that you can join after the camp

You are invited to participate in either one or both parts of the meeting, depending on your interests and/or where you would like to focus to enhance your work.

Please send us a mail indicating your interest in attending or receiving information on the agenda and the venue: Manuela Achitz, manuela.achitz AT[1]

Accommodation: Hostel in Vienna from 30th–31st of May, and camping at the site of the festival.

Food will be provided (thanks to volunteers of GLOBAL 2000)

Transport to the site of the festival on May 31 and back to Vienna on June 1, and an entry ticket to the TOMORROW FESTIVAL for May 31 and June 1.

Financial: All food, transport and accommodation costs within Austria plus the entry to the TOMORROW FESTIVAL will be covered by the organisers. Since we are aiming for a broad attendance regardless of size and financial resources of each group, we are offering to cover an amount of the international travel costs for people who need financial support. In this case, please contact Manuela Achitz, manuela.achitz AT[1]

A Tomorrow without Nuclear - Programme

A three-day International Anti-Nuclear Conference & Activist Camp in Austria
30th May–1st June, 2013

  • Location: office of GLOBAL 2000, Neustiftgasse 36, A-1070 Vienna
  • Registration until Monday, 29th April 2013

We come to
Bring and take, Spark enthusiasm, Respect each others opinion, Be curious and open-minded

  • Point 1: Inspiring stories
  • Point 2: Lively presentations of what all groups are doing (Speed Dating)
  • Point 3: Interactive Market Place (Topical Dating)
  • Point 3: Strategic talks (day 2)
  • Point 4: Camp and workshops with trainings on skills in Zwentendorf


Thu, 30th May 2013 – Vienna Office

11:30 am Registration
11:45 am Welcoming
Patricia Lorenz, Anti-Nuclear Expert, Friends of the Earth Austria
Reinhard Uhrig, CEO & Anti-Nuclear Expert, Friends of the Earth Austria
12:00 pm Plenary Talk
Possible goals:
- Should we define a common project/campaign/ issues to work on?
- Why are we here?
- Inspiring stories regarding big mobilizations in France & Germany
1:00 pm Speed Dating
to get to know each other and to give lively presentations of what all groups are doing (hosted by David Heller)
1:45 pm Lunch
3:00 pm Presentations
- State Aid and Nuclear Power
- Stresstests and the Future of Nuclear Safety in the EU (Jan Havercamp, Greenpeace, Nuclear Energy, & Patricia Lorenz, FoE Austria)
- The future of NGO campaigning (David Heller, FoE Brussels, Nuclear Disarmament)
Choosing of Action Group
Evening: Dinner, films, games, possibility to meet official representatives of Austria

Fri, 31th May 2013 – Vienna Office

9:00 am
Market Place
presentation of campaign ideas or proposing interesting discussions
Stalls covering topics such as
- Subsidies for New Nuclear
- Final repository projects
- Uranium
- New reactors
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:15 am Workshops (5-6)
- Nuclear Safety
- Capacity & Movement Building
- Online Activities & Social Media
11:30 am Presentation of outcomes
- Action proposals
- Campaign ideas
- Feedback
- temperature check on what to discuss after lunch
1:30 pm Lunch
2:30 pm-4.00 pm Discussions in small groups, led and prepared by action groups
4:00 pm-5:00 pm Plenary Discussion to agree on points
5:30 pm Departure to Zwentendorf or travel home

Sat, 1st June 2013- at the site of the festival in Zwentendorf

12:30 am Lunch somewhere at the festival (lunch coupons provided)
1:30 pm-4:30 pm Trainings & workshops within the framework of the TOWORROW FESTIVAL
- Social Media
- Crowdfunding
- Measuring and Interpreting Radiation
- Non-violent Action-Training

Departure to Vienna or optional stay at the Festival

Questions on registration, hotel, financial support or more detailed information on the agenda and the venue:

Questions on content and ideas related to the programme:

  • Patricia Lorenz, patricia.[ lorenz AT][1]

The number of participants is limited to 50 people. We ask for your registration until Monday, 29th April 2013

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