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<= Summer Camp 2017 | languages: English, German, Russian

Upcoming soon: International Anti-nuclear summer camp in Germany

Dear friends,

In just a few weeks time, from July 17 until July 23, the Project House
in Döbeln, Germany, will host the International Anti-Nuclear Summer Camp
and we are very excited about it!

So far, we have confirmed participants from Germany, Latvia, United
Kingdom, France, Austria, Russia, Belarus, Canada, United States,
Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, India,
Japan and Slovenia. We still have plenty of space in the camp so if you
are interested and would like to apply, this is your chance!

Here are a few reasons why to attend the camp...

- The camp will have a variety of lectures, presentations and
  workshops with a particular focus on the uranium spiral and struggle
  against lifetime extension & new construction plans
- The programme will be intense, however, we work in a friendly, laid
  back and tolerant environment
- We understand the importance of networking so there will be plenty
  of opportunities for that
- We will also have a Historical City Walk in Döbeln and a field trip
  to WISMUT uranium mining reclamation
- The Project House is a lovely place and the camp will take place in
  the orchard
- Döbeln is a lovely town and can be easily accessed by train, the
  nearest big cities are Leipzig and Dresden
- Vegan food the whole week
- It has been 5 years since the previous camp so it is a somewhat
  unique experience

Get a sneak preview at these lectures / presentations, the complete
programme can be found at our summer camp website:

- Uranium transports & actions
- Spirits of Gorleben resistance
- France, the happy atoms land
- Lifetime extensions of nuclear units in Ukraine: risks, challenges and
  European public money support
- International ambitions of Rosatom
- Nuclear energy plans and antinuclear movement in Turkey
- Without it the nuclear industry would long have been dead: the
  EURATOM Treaty
- Well fought and yet lost? - Power, impotence and open questions of the
  anti-nuclear movement in Germany

...and here is a selection of workshops (more to come, maybe your

- Russian nuclear reactors export - how to stop it?
- Final disposal of nuclear waste strategy of the anti-nuclear movement
- debate Past, Current and Future Actions against EURATOM
- Anti-nuclear World Social Forum 2017
- The power is in your hands - The Aarhus Convention and the example
  Hinkley Point C
- Raising funding for anti-nuclear groups - workshop to figure out
  opportunities & discuss new tools for the network

Overview of the camp days:

Preparation week (July 10-16): putting up structures together
Please arrive early, our program starts at Monday!

CAMP week:
1st day (Mon, July 17): arrival, welcoming, getting to know each others
2nd day (Tue, July 18): presentations & lectures
3rd day (Wed, July 19): excursion slot to WISMUT AG / field trip /
meeting with local critics
4th day (Thu, July 20): upcoming campaigns, projects & events
5th day (Fri, July 21): action slot

6th day (Sat, July 22):
MORNING: buffer for additional topics
AFTERNOON: international network slot - workshops on network resources,
tools and capacities

7th day (Sun, July 23):
MORNING: international network slot - workshops on network resources,
tools and capacities
AFTERNOON: next steps for upcoming projects

Cleanup week (July 24-28): cleaning up the campsite & taking down

There will be a small fee per attendee per day, because of expenses for
food, water etc., please have a look at our website soon.

Please do get in touch with us (summercamp AT nuclear-heritage DOT net)
if you would like to come but have doubts because you would be
traveling with children, pets, have a disability, food allergy, need
support with travel costs or think that language barrier could be a
problem. We want the camp to be as inclusive as possible and might be
able to help you!

Best wishes,
The Summer Camp Team

Nuclear Heritage Network
Am Bärental 6, D-04720 Döbeln, GERMANY
phone: +49 3431 5894177
email: summercamp AT nuclear-heritage DOT net

Donations welcome!
account holder: Greenkids e.V.
IBAN: DE75 4306 0967 1101 7406 00
bank: GLS Bank
purpose: "Summer Camp"