Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/Media group/Skype conference on March 3, 2014

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Media group Skype conference, 03/03/2014



  1. clarification of facilitation and minutes keeping
  2. next media release - as result of third working meeting?
  3. preparation of next Skype conference
  4. other topics

Next media release

  • topic: Fukushima accident & relevance for the Baltic Sea region

Next Skype conference

Other topics

  • we briefly discussed the last media release and arranged collecting the media coverage on it
  • upcoming topics for international media work:
    1. Finnish "public initiative" campaign to make the parliament decide against nuclear power (in discussion/preparation at the moment)
    2. German EIA campaign against Fennovoima NPP (in preparation, results probably during this week)
  • too early now to send out media releases on those, but be prepared for it
  • Fukushima is an important topic right now, so we will focus on this one