Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/Planning meeting

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September 21-22, 2013 in Döbeln, Germany
The goals of the "Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region" project:

  • to educate ourselves and the public about the nuclear threats around the Baltic Sea,
  • to contribute to building an anti-nuclear network in the Baltic Sea region and beyond,
  • to strengthen our anti-nuclear campaigns.

The end goal of the planning meeting:

  • to come up with the plan and divide responsibilities which are clear, realistic, with which everyone agrees and can work further

The goals of the planning meeting:

  • to involve more new people to the project
  • to share ideas for mutual anti-nuclear activities, projects and campaigns in the Baltic Sea area, and to figure out activities and projects we will focus on within the project
  • to discuss and share tasks and responsibilities within the project
  • to concretely plan future steps of the project and responsibilities for those



  • projects introduced & people involved
    1. petition against Ostrovets NPP construction
    2. reference book on atomic facilities in the Baltic Sea watershed
  • inclusion of participants to the communication network of the project
  • next steps clarified, particularly:
    1. frequency of continuos voice-over-ip conferences: 2-weekly
    2. dates for work weeks every two months set
  • NOT succeeded: important responsibilities for the project not shared yet


motivation & reports

Who is working on what - please add your topic(s) and interests

goals & strategies


  • stop nuclear everything immediately
  • educate ourselves
  • raise public awareness about the dangers of nuclear energy
  • contribute to anti nuclear network community (Baltic Sea region)
  • strengthen anti-nuclear campaigns
  • make it impossible for governments/companies to run nuclear facilities


  • educate ourselves, include new people
  • draw attention, raise awareness
  • struggle power structures that support nuclear industry
  • put pressure, have an impact - influence decision makers


groups & projects